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Celebrating Our Successes

Hundreds of pounds have been shed and inches lost. Thousands of MCPS employees got up from their office chairs, off their couches and started moving during two 12-week fitness competitions, MCPS on the Move and Work It Circuit. The winners were recognized during a celebration at Rockville High School on Jan. 24.

More than 4,600 employees registered for the competitions and a chance to win prizes. In Work It Circuit—a program introduced this year for elementary school staff, and school bus operators and assistants—30,721 hours of exercise were logged. In MCPS on the Move—which was open to secondary school and central services staff—participants burned more than 30 million calories, which is equal to more than 8,500 pounds.

The Winners 

School Awards 

Carl Sandburg Learning Center averaged 69 hours of activity per person.
Prize: $5,000 grant

Potomac Elementary School, which averaged 62 hours of activity per participant.
Prize: $5,000 grant

John Poole Middle School, which averaged 59 hours of activity.
Prize: $7,000 grant from Kaiser Permanente.

Thomas Edison High School of Technology averaged 45 hours of activity per participant.
Prize: $7,000 grant from Kaiser Permanente

Central Services Awards 

The Biggest Winners (Central Services team of Laura Difranco, Nancy Austin, Rosemary Dempsey and Janet Williams)
Prize: $2,000 grant

Team AAA (Central Services team of Virginia Denning, George Beall, MJ Bergstresser, Kevin Hainsworth, Dena Horton, Hy Krieger, Robert McIlvain and Roger Pisha)
Prize: $2,000 grant

Individual Awards 

These individuals did an hour of exercise every day of the MCPS on the Move competition, no matter what. In all, 72 individuals logged 60 minutes of activity for all 82 days of the program for secondary schools and central services.

Randomly selected winners:

Maria Corredor, ERSC
Janet Martin, Infants and Toddlers Upcounty
Lisa Miller, Infants and Toddlers Upcounty
Jean Nodine, Seneca Valley High School
James Collins, Winston Churchill High School
Stacy Dobres, Roberto Clemente Middle School
Sharon Saylor, Thomas Pyle Middle School
Jennifer Milstein, Rocky Hill Middle School
Reginald Wright, John F. Kennedy High School
Melissa Seesz, Springbrook High School
Prize: a Wii and Wii Fit

Team Awards 

We had 272 teams participate in the MCPS on the Move competition. Of these 272 teams, 4 teams finished the competition averaging 82 hours per person. This means they also did 60 minutes of activity, every day of the competition. They include:

Beauties and the Beasts, John T. Baker Middle School (Team members: Tricia Abbot, Ashley Chandler, Scott Frye, Jeffrey Kenst, Kari Liuzzi, Lenny Marino, Patricia Paredes and James Standford)

PH.D, James Hubert Blake High School (Team members: Danielle D’Anna, Margo Hopkins, Nicole Houchens, Litonya Livingston and Nan Martino)

Monster Bulldogs, Winston Churchill High School (Team members: Yuri Achille, Kathleen Regan, Gary Rogers, Jodi Boppana, Robin Moore, Peggy Fahey, Christine Pellicoro, Brendan Roddy, Alvin Figer and Judi Starlings)

Paisanos, Central Services (Team members: Kevin Yates, Rosie Ramirez, Karen Caroscio and Vic Caroscio)


Individuals with the greatest BMI change:

Joseph Sangillo, Sherwood High School
Leslie Guerra, Lakelands Park Middle School
Andres Heiney-Gonzalez, Quince Orchard High School
Prize: Relaxation/spa package

Greatest BMI change for a team:

Team Moving Along, John Poole Middle School (Team members: Lynn Becknell, Sharon Earle, Coree Ogden, Joy McIntyre, Winessa Crutchfield, Darlene Umberger, Mary Phillips, Kim Gerrie and Amanda McGrew)
Prize: Relaxation spa gift certificate

Greatest BMI change for a Central Services team:

Team Phat Winners (Team members: Linda Gardner, DJ Connelly, Barbara Ruppel, Helen Blankfeld, Pam Montgomery, Janice Turpin, Hillary Kirchman, Judy Cascone and Jill Barnes)
Prize: $2,000 grant from Kaiser Permanente to promote wellness at their work location

Spirit Award 

Esta Franklin, Beall Elementary School
Michelle Williams, Carl Sandburg Learning Center
Mary Joseph, West Farm Transportation Depot
Laura Difranco, Office of Curriculum and Instructional Programs
Coree Ogden, John Poole Middle School
Blossom Daley, West Farm Transportation Depot
Jon Freda, Richard Montgomery High School
Prize: $100 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods



Last Updated: 1/31/2012