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Board Roundup and School Security

Education Matters (May 2018): In the Board Roundup segment, Board of Education (Board) members discussed issues and actions of the Board, including the negotiated agreements with the three employee associations; the Distinguished Service to Public Education Awards; identifying and nurturing highly able learners; Policy JED, Residency, Tuition, and enrollment; Policy FAA, Long-Range Educational Facilities Planning; and Career Technology Education.  The program also included an in-depth discussion regarding the recent measures of the Board to ensure that our students, staff, and schools, are safe and secure. The show is hosted by Board President Michael Durso and featured Shebra Evans, vice president, Montgomery County Board of Education; Patricia O’Neill, member, Montgomery County Board of Education; Matthew Post, Student Member of the Board of Education; Michael Harting, supervisor, Department of School Safety & Security; and James Song, director, Department of Facilities Management.