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 Students Recognized for Star Behavior at January 8 Town Hall Meeting

More than two dozen Woodlin students were recognized by their teachers and Principal Jackson at an all-school Town Hall meeting today. These students showed respect, practiced safety, tried their best, and acted responsibly in specific, demonstrable ways. Mr. Jackson said that all of us at Woodlin take pride in our behavior and that how we act makes a difference. Photograph below shows Ms. Lambert with her first grade students who were recognized for star behavior. 

Star Awardees Ms. Lambert's Class Jan 8 2018



 Woodlin Cares


Donate Pennies for Patients: February 2018
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Donate Clean Blankets to Shepherds Table: January 2018

Bring in a clean, nice blanket and put it in the donation box in the front hallway. These will be donated to Shepherd's Table, a local homeless shelter. "If somebody does not have a friend to play with then play with them," and, "smile at someone to make there day grate." (spelling/grammar errors of students are not corrected for this entry)

  Our students, staff, and parents all work together to support the school community and the larger community. We participate in food drives and donation drives for disasters because we care and want to strengthen our relationships in the world. Poster below shows Girls on the Run call for donations to support Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Photo, below right: second graders made and gave away paintings on rocks and also posted "to-do" kind acts on post-it notes on their bulletin board.  



Send in Your Snider’s Receipts

Did you know for every receipt we collect in 2017, Snider’s donates 1% back to Woodlin PTA? Send all Snider’s receipts from 2017 (greater than $5 and neatly folded in an envelope please) with your kid in backpack mail or drop them off in the Snider’s receipts box in the mailroom. Help us beat our goal of $100,000 in Snider’s Receipts!

Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Poster at WoodlinWoodlin Cares Grade 2 Rocks and Post It Notes

What's New with Grading?

Montgomery County Public Schools revised the elementary school grading system this year. According to the MCPS website, "The revisions are designed to more clearly convey student learning and provide additional information about learning skills or work habits. The change reflects input from parents, school staff, and community." 
To summarize:
--Students in Grades 2-5 will have A, B, C, D grades.
--Kindergarten students will get a report card four times (instead of twice) per year.
--Includes overall subject grade (in addition to the end-of-year average and measurement topics per marking period).
--Includes reporting of key learning skills.

Click here for a link to the information on the MCPS website.

Scoring Guide for Assignments, Grades K-1

Grade Descriptor
P Evidence shows complete understanding and use of grade-level concepts.
Errors do not impact understanding.
I Evidence shows incomplete understanding and use of grade-level concepts.
Errors impact understanding.
N Evidence shows minimal understanding and use of grade-level concepts.
Critical errors impact understanding.


Scoring Guide for Assessments, Grades 2-5

Old Grade New Grade Descriptor
ES      A Evidence demonstrates full understanding of content, concept, or skill. 
Errors or omissions are absent or do not impact understanding.
S B Evidence demonstrates general understanding of content, concept or skill with some support.
Errors or omissions may impact understanding.
P C Evidence demonstrates some understanding of content, concept, or skill with some support.
Errors or omissions impact understanding.
N D Evidence demonstrates limited or minimal understanding of content, concept and skill with significant support.
Errors or omissions are critical and impact understanding.
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