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This page is a comprehensive list of everyone at Walter Johnson High School. The links below will take you to subsets of the information on this page.

WJ Administration
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A note about contacting WJ personnel: Email is an important tool at WJ and is often more effective for contacting specific individuals than a telephone call. Teachers and many staff members are 10-month employees and do not work during the summer. It is possible that an e-mail sent or a phone message left after the last day of school will not be read by the recipient until they report back to work in August.

Everyone at WJ from A to Z

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Name Department Title Email Address
unless indicated
301-803- unless indicated
Acquard, Geri Social Studies
Exec. Internship Coordinator
Teacher geri.acquard 7274
Adams, David Art, Technology & Computers Teacher david.adams 7291
Adams, Susie Academic Support Center Teacher, Visual Impairment susie.adams 7154
Adegboyega-Edun, Joe Counseling Services
DH Coordinator
Counselor mr.ae 7126
Aguilar, Erika Athletics Gymnastics Coach erika.aguilar 7254
Ahearn, Ms. Jamie Counseling Services
SSL Coordinator
V. Softball Coach
Alexander, Jason Academic Support Center Paraeducator jason.alexander 7154
Arias, Jorge Building Services Worker jorge.arias 7173
Arrington, Karla Health Services Health Technician karla.arrington 7116
Atencio, Nico Social Studies Teacher nico.atencio 7274
Ayton, Kaleigh Athletics Pompons Coach kaleigh.ayton 7254
Bacas, Josephine Academic Support Center Paraeducator josephine.bacas 7140
Baker, Jennifer Administration Principal jennifer.baker 7106
Ballou, Johnanthan Building Services Assistant Building Services Manager johnathan.ballou 7173
Bamdad, Pauline Main Office Admin. Asst. pauline.bamdad 7100
Barrabeitg-Liens, Xenia Academic Support Center Paraeducator xenia.liens 7140
Barrett, Billy Athletics JV B. Lax Coach billy.barrett 7254
Beaubien, Howard Security Team Leader security 7118
Bergeris, Susan Science Resource Teacher susan.bergeris 7257
Besch, Erin Mathematics Teacher erin.besch 7231
Beverungen, Sarah Academic Support Center Teacher sarah.beverungen 7163
Bieber, Sarah Academic Support Center Teacher sarah.bieber 7140
Borrelli, Wendy English Teacher
The Pitch
The Windup
Bos, Jonathan English Teacher jonathan.bos 7184
Brager, Laura Mathematics
JV Field Hockey Coach
laura.brager 7231
Brownstein, Kate Academic Support Center Speech Pathologist kate.brownstein 7140
Buffum, Lindsey Athletics V G. Basketball Co-Coach lindsey.buffum 7254
Bullock, Terri Mathematics Teacher terri.bullock 7231
Burnet, Frances English Teacher frances.burnet 7184
Butler, Jeremy Social Studies Teacher jeremy.butler 7274
Butler, Kelly Music Teacher kelly.butler 7247
Byrd, Elizabeth Academic Support Center Paraeducator elizabeth.byrd 7140
Campbell, Jason Physical Education/Health
Asst. Athletic Director
V G. Basketball Co-Coach
jason.campbell 7252
Carlin, Mollie Social Studies
Student Government Assn. (SGA)
Carter, Richard Academic Support Center Paraeducator richard.carter 7140
Carter, Tony Building Services Plant Equipment Operator tony.carter 7173
Cavallini, Maria World Languages Teacher maria.cavallini 7213
Cawood, Maggie Mathematics
Track & Field Asst. Coach
maggie.cawood 7231
Chatham, Charles "Cody" Academic Support Center Paraeducator charles.chatham 7140
Chau, Khanh Science Teacher khanh.chau 7260
Chen, Amy Academic Support Center Paraeducator amy.chen 7140
Choi, James Mathematics Teacher james.choi 7231
Churchwell, Mark World Languages Teacher mark.churchwell 7213
Cochran, Christopher Academic Support Center Teacher christopher.cochran 7140
Collier, Marie English Teacher marie.collier 7184
Conlon, Nancy English Composition Asst. nancy.conlon 7184
Cooper, Trish Academic Support Center Teacher trish.cooper 7140
Corddry, Philip Academic Support Center Paraeducator philip.corddry 7140
Cornell, Janice Physical Education Teacher janice.cornell 7253
Cornfield, Beth Attendance Admin. Asst. beth.cornfield 7113
Cosgrove, Kathy Business & Finance Business Manager kathy.cosgrove 7114
Crandall, Eddie Building Services Worker eddie.crandall 7173
Cruz de Giron, Juana Building Services Worker juana.degiron 7173
Daney, Kevin Art, Technology & Computers Teacher kevin.daney 7291
Dangle, Donna Academic Support Center Paraeducator donna.dangle 7153
DeFord, Susan Academic Support Center Paraeducator susan.deford 7154
Delello, Fred Social Studies Teacher fred.delello 7274
Dengler, Kathleen Media Center Media Assistant kathleen.dengler 7227
Dentes, Antonia Academic Support Center Paraeducator antonia.dentes 7140
Deonarain, Stephanie Science Teacher stephanie.deonarain 7257
Doman, Jean Academic Support Center Paraeducator jean.doman 7140
Doyle, Paige Mathematics Teacher paige.doyle 7231
Dubrow, Steve World Languages
LEAD! Coordinator
Teacher steve.dubrow
Ducklow , Sarah Mathematics Teacher sarah.ducklow 7231
Dunston, Mr. Kelly Art, Technology & Computers Teacher kelly.dunston 7291
Duque, Mitchell Athletics Girls Tennis Coach
Boys Tennis Coach
mitchell.duque 7254
Eastman, Brock Science Teacher brock.eastman 7257
Edmunds, Jodi Counseling Services Director jodi.edmunds 7129
Egan, Mike Math Teacher mike.egan 7231
Ellis, Stephanie Art, Technology & Computers Resource Teacher stephanie.ellis 7165
Engelhardt, Paul Art, Technology & Computers Teacher paul.engelhardt 7165
Etheridge, Jimmy Security Assistant jimmy.etheridge 7118
Evans, Gayle Counseling Services College & Career Coordinator
AP Coordinator

Fairall, Brian Mathematics
V. B. Basketball Coach
B. Vball Coach
brian.fairall 7231
Faleni, Jessica World Languages Teacher jessica.faleni 7213
Faulkner, Kimberlyn Academic Support Center Teacher kimberlyn.faulkner 7140
Finkbinder, T.G. English Teacher tg.finkbinder 7305
Fischer, Jennifer Athletics JV G. Lax Coach jennifer.fischer 7254
Fitzpatrick, Geary Athletics V Wrestling Coach geary.fitzpatrick 7254
Flanigan, Mike Academic Support Center Paraeducator mike.flanigan 7154
Fleisher, Emily Academic Support Center
JV G. Soccer Coach
emily.fleisher 7140
Foerster Luu, Anne Marie English for Speakers of Other Languages Teacher annemarie.foersterluu 7202
Fogel Bublick, Larry English for Speakers of Other Languages Teacher larry.fogelbublick 7202
Foley, Kerry Academic Support Center Paraeducator kerry.foley 7140
Forest, Karla Academic Support Center Occupational Therapist karla.forest 7140
Fotia, Collin Main Office IT Support Specialist collin.fotia 7312
Frank, Allison Athletics JV Cheerleading Co-Coach allison.frank 7254
Fraser, Justin Mathematics Teacher justin.fraser 7231
Freitas, Carolina World Languages Teacher carolina.freitas 7213
Friedman, Mona Academic Support Center Paraeducator mona.friedman 7140
Froom, Janet Academic Support Center Paraeducator janet.froom 7140
Fry, Rod Physical Education Resource Teacher rod.fry 7252
Fullenkamp, Joshua English Teacher joshua.fullenkamp 7184
Gahl, Mary Academic Support Center
Counseling Services
Admin. Asst.
College Application Coordinator
mary.gahl 7140
Gelfand, Naomi Media Center Media Specialist naomi.gelfand 7227
Generose, Karen World Languages Resource Teacher karen.generose 7213
Godfrey, Shana Academic Support Center Paraeducator shana.godfrey 7140
Goldstein, Lorraine Physical Education Teacher lorraine.goldstein 7253
Goss, Vicki Academic Support Center Teacher vicki.goss 7140
Green, Robert Mathematics Teacher robert.green 7231
Griffiths, Bill English Teacher bill.griffiths 7184
Griffiths, Elizabeth Academic Support Center Paraeducator elizabeth.griffiths 7140
Grimes, Mr. Jamie Science
ACES Coordinator

Swim & Dive Coach
Gutierrez, Gena Building Services Worker gena.gutierrez 7173
Halim, Muhammad Athletics Indoor Track Co-Coach muhammad.halim 7254
Hall, Erin Mathematics Resource Teacher erin.hall 7231
Hanlon, Jim Art, Technology & Computers Teacher jim.hanlon 7176
Harris, Leonard Building Services Worker leonard.harris 7173
Hartung, Susan Academic Support Center Teacher
Accommodations Testing Coordinator
susan.hartung 7133
Hawkins, Jaqueline "Jackie" Main Office Admin. Asst. jackie.hawkins 7100
Healey, Ty Social Studies Resource Teacher ty.healey 7274
Hearn, Amanda Academic Support Center Psychologist amanda.hearn 7146
Heintze, Mr. Terry Administration Asst. Principal terry.heintze 7109
Hemsley, Sean Building Services Worker leonard.harris 7173
Herdman, Ashley English Teacher ashley.herdman 7184
Hickey, Caitlin Athletics JV Cheerleading Co-Coach caitlin.hickey 7254
Hill, Shelli Physical Education Teacher shelli.hill 7253
Hoefling, Allison Social Studies Teacher allison.hoefling 7274
Howard, Ginger Business & Finance Financial Assistant ginger.howard 7115
Howard, Tony Security Assistant tony.howard 7118
Hrin, Kristy Art, Technology & Computers Teacher kristy.hrin 7303
Huang-Utter, Jennifer Counseling Teacher jennifer.huang-utter 7237
Jackson, S. P. Security MC Police
School Resource Officer
s.p.jackson 7118
Jacobson, Connie Math & Science Teacher  connie.jacobson 7100
Johnson, Phyllis Building Services Worker phyllis.johnson 7173
Jordan, Freddie Athletics JV Football Head Coach freddie.jordan 7254
Joseph, Allycia ASC Teacher allycia.joseph 7139
Joseph, David Athletics JV Baseball Coach david.joseph 7254
Joy, Mitch Social Studies
Edline Administrator
Teacher mitch.joy
Joyner, Ron Security Assistant ron.joyner 7118
Kahal, Stephanie Academic Support Center Paraeducator stephanie.kahal 7154
Kellerman, Nichole Science Teacher nichole.kellerman 7257
Kellner, Greg Physical Education Teacher greg.kellner 7252
Kelly, Elouise Media Center Media Assistant elouise.kelly 7227
Kempner, Dan Art, Technology & Computers Teacher dan.kempner 7165
Ketterer, Nancy English for Speakers of Other Languages Paraeducator nancy.ketterer 7202
Killian, Yvette Academic Support Center Teacher yvette.killian 7202
Kim, Ki-Nam Health Services School Nurse kinam.kim 7116
Kim, Myong Building Services Building Services Worker myong.kim 7173
Kim, Youngin Building Services Building Services Worker youngin.kim 7173
King, Caroline Art Teacher caroline.king 7165
Kinsey-Nahar, Keira Main Office Principal's Admin. Asst. keira.nahar 7106
Knight, Marsha Main Office Admin. Asst. marsha.knight 7121
Kosmaceski, Christopher Music Resource Teacher mr.k 7247
Kyle, Dane Building Services Building Service Worker dane.kyle 7173
Ladson, Imani Counseling Services Counselor imani.ladson 7128
LaFratta, Mary Mathematics Teacher mary.lafratta 7231
Laukaitis, Mike Mathematics Teacher mike.laukaitis 7231
Lavelle, George Art, Technology & Computers Teacher george.lavelle 7291
Leung, Aileen Science Teacher aileen.leung 7257
Liang, Lucia World Languages Teacher lucia.liang 7213
Limarzi, Maria Main Office Webmaster webmaster 7101
Lucks, Katja Academic Support Center Paraeducator katja.lucks 7140
MacFadden, Melanie English Teacher melanie.macfadden 7184
Marek, Katherine English Composition Asst. katherine.marek 7184
Martin, Tom Art, Technology & Computers
XC Coach
I. Track Co-Coach
Track & Field Coach
tom.martin 7291
Martinez, Ryan World Languages Teacher ryan.martinez 7213
Masonson, Grace English Composition Asst. grace.masonson 7184
Mata, Karen Athletics V Field Hockey Coach karen.mata 7254
Matos, Clara Counseling Services Registrar clara.matos 7137
Matthews, Ian English Teacher ian.matthews 7184
Mayhew, Erica Athletics JV G. Vball Coach erica.mayhew 7254
McAdory, Colleen
Theater Director
English Teacher colleen.mcadory 7184
McAndrew, Amanda World Languages Teacher amanda.mcandrew 7213
McCarn, Nicole Social Studies Teacher nicole.mccarn 7274
McCrady, Rusty Forensics Coach rusty.mccrady 7100
McDermott, Joan Science Teacher joan.mcdermott 7257
McGinty, Aishling English Teacher aishling.mcginty 7184
Meier, Tobias Social Studies Teacher tobias.meier 7274
Mendez, Jose Building Services Worker jose.mendez 7173
Merrill, Christopher Social Studies Teacher christopher.merrill 7274
Miller, Steve Social Studies Teacher steve.miller 7274
Mills, Adam Academic Support Center Teacher adam.mills 7154
Moen, Chris Academic Support Center Paraeducator chris.moen 7140
Monk, Lili Social Studies Teacher lili.monk 7274
Morales, Hector Athletics V. B. Soccer Coach hector.morales 301-879-1357
Morley, Sean Academic Support Center Paraeducator sean.morley 7154
Morris, Andrea Music Teacher andrea.morris 7247
Morris, Bill Science
Coed. Vball Coach
bill.morris 7257
Muehl, Beth Social Studies
Track & Field Asst. Coach
beth.muehl 7274
Mulhern, III, Mr. Jamie Media Center Media Services Technician jamie.mulhern 7229
Murray, Christopher Social Studies Teacher christopher.murray 7274
Murray, Leshia Cafeteria Manager leshia.murray 7175
Nakagama, Nicole Athletics JV Softball Coach nicole.nakagama 7254
Neal, Shelton Building Services Building Services Manager shelton.neal 7173
Neang, Sapphire Counseling Services Counselor sapphire.neang 7176
Nekam, Pocelli Building Services Building Services Worker pocelli.nekam 7116
O'Connor, Emilia Academic Support Center Teacher emilia.oconnor 7154
O'Neill, Phyllis Academic Support Center Paraeducator phyllis.oneill 7140
Onley, Karen Academic Support Center Teacher karen.onley 7140
Onto, Esther World Languages Teacher esther.onto 7213
Orellana, Cachanda English Teacher cachanda.orellana 7184
Pandya, Mahek Academic Support Center Teacher mahek.pandya 7140
Parrish, Kevin Mathematics Teacher kevin.parrish 7231
Patel, Jennifer English Teacher jennifer.patel 7184
Peer, Elise Academic Support Center Paraeducator elise.peer 7140
Peer, Evan Academic Support Center Paraeducator evan.peer 7140
Perikles, Kimberly ASC Teacher kimberly.perikles 7140
Perry, Tiffany Athletics WJ MedStar Athletic Trainer trainer 7254
Peterson, Jenelle English
Staff Development 
jenelle.peterson 7184
Pickett, Susan Physical Education Teacher susan.picket 7184
Pohoryles, Alan Athletics V. B. Lax Coach coach.poho 7254
Pokress, Connie Family & Consumer Science Teacher connie.pokress 7207
Proctor, Clay Academic Support Center Teacher clay.proctor 7153
Pugh, Jeanne English Teacher jeanne.pugh 7184
Ravick, Terri Science Teacher terri.ravick 7257
Reburn, Gary Athletics V. G. Lax Coach
Golf Coach
gary.reburn 7254
Redmon, John Athletics JV G. Basketball Coach john.redmon 7254
Reif, Kimberly Academic Support Center
Team Handball Co-Coach
kimberly.reif 7140
Reiter, Leah Academic Support Center Teacher leah.reiter 7140
Reynolds, Dennis Counseling Services
Asst. Athletic Director
dennis.reynolds 7125
Reynolds, Joanne English Teacher joanne.reynolds 7184
Richards, Mike Science Teacher mike.richards 7257
Richards, Patricia Science
Science Internship Coordinator
Teacher patricia.richards 7257
Richeal, Anastasia Art Technology and Computers Teacher anastasia.richeal 7165
Rieder, Chase Main Office
JV B. Basketball Coach
chase.rieder 7100
Robinson, Liz Athletics V. G. Soccer Coach liz.robinson 7254
Rocha, Paula Building Services Worker paula.rocha 7173
Rodman, Tim Social Studies Teacher tim.rodman 7274
Rodriguez, Regina Administration Asst. Principal regina.rodriguez 7110
Rogers, Tom Science
Athletic Director
Rolling, Arnetta Security In-School Suspension arnetta.rolling 7118
Ryan, Janelle English Teacher janelle.ryan 7184
Safford, Stuart Science Teacher stuart.safford 7257
Salatto, Anthony Science Teacher anthony.salatto 7257
Sander, Melissa Main Office Admin Asst melissa.sander 7100
Sarno, Deb Academic Support Center Paraeducator deb.sarno 7140
Saucedo, Iris Academic Support Center Paraeducator iris.saucedo 7140
Schulz, Jaleh Mathematics Teacher jaleh.schulz 7231
Schwartz, Nathan Social Studies Teacher nathan.schwartz 7274
Schwed, Melanie Social Studies Teacher melanie.schwed 7274
Scott, Tia Pupil Personnel Worker PPW tia.scott 7233
Shifflett, Steve Science Teacher steve.shifflett 7257
Shtereva, Rositsa Academic Support Center Paraeducator rositsa.shtereva 7140
Silver, Evan Athletics JV Wrestling Coach evan.silver 7254
Shu, Songtao World Languages Teacher songtao.shu 7213
Simmons, Kathy Social Studies
APEX Coordinator
Senior Projects Coordinator
Teacher kathy.simmons
Simon, Wil Building Services Worker wil.simon 7173
Slough, Janan Administration Asst. Principal janan.slough 7111
Smith, Kirsten Athletics V Cheerleading Coach kirsten.smith 7254
Snyder, Ruby Counseling Counselor ruby.snyder 7127
Solomon, Kelley Academic Support Center Teacher kelley.solomon 7140
Spak, Lori World Languages Teacher lori.spak 7213
Spence, William "Joe" Academic Support Center Paraeducator joe.spence 7140
Spiegler, Maegan Academic Support Center Paraeducator maegan.spiegler 7154
St Denis, Ashley Athletics XC Asst. Coach
Track & Field Asst. Coach
ashley.stdenis 7254
Sullivan, Diana Academic Support Center Paraeducator diana.sullivan 7140
Sutherland, Steve Athletics V. Baseball Coach steve.sutherland 240-497-6338
Tepper, Tom Athletics V. G. Vball Coach tom.tepper 7254
Thompson, Jessica Academic Support Center Teacher jessica.thompson 7140
Thompson, Joe Counseling Services
MSP Tri-Coordinator
Counselor joe.thompson
Thoms, Michele Mathematics Teacher michele.thoms 7231
Tierney, Patricia Science Teacher patricia.tierney 7257
Toruno, Karina Counseling Services Admin. Asst. karina.toruno 7100
Tossounian, Anthony Athletics JV B. Soccer Coach anthony.tossounian 7254
Tseng, Michelle Science Teacher michelle.tseng 7257
Tucker, Ms. Vernitta Administration Asst. Principal vernitta.tucker 7108
Tyree, Andre Building Services Worker andre.tyree 7173
Uhler, David Social Studies Teacher david.uhler 7274
Ulloa, Nelson Building Services Worker nelson.ulloa 7173
Vachon, Amy English Resource Teacher amy.vachon 7184
Van Curan, Elaina English Teacher elaina.vancuran 7184
Venesky, Kim Art, Technology & Computers Teacher kim.venesky 7165
Wade, Amanda Social Studies Teacher amanda.wade 7274
Walker-Casey, Amy Academic Support Center Speech Pathologist amy.walker-casey 7147
Wang, Hannah Music Teacher hannah.wang 7247
Wang, Li-ming Cafeteria Worker li-ming.wang 7175
Weissberg, Audrey Counseling Services Counselor audrey.weissberg 7131
West, Amy Academic Support Center Paraeducator amy.west 7140
Wheeler, Tom Academic Support Center Teacher tom.wheeler 7140
Wills, Rachel Academic Support Center Coordinator rachel.wills 7140
Wilson, Rosie Academic Support Center Paraeducator rosie.wilson 7140
Won, Andrew English for Speakers of Other Languages Resource Teacher andrew.won 7202
Woolridge, Charles Athletics Football Head Coach charles.woolridge 7254
Worden, Butch Physical Education Teacher butch.worden 7252
Yi, Robert Academic Support Center Teacher robert.yi 7140
Zussman, Rachel Mathematics Teacher rachel.zussman 7231


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