SSL Important Tips

• Very important: Ask people at an organization if it is on a pre-approved list of SSL organizations and how it is listed. It could be listed by a different name or under a parent organization.

About Approvals

• Submit your own approval form even if another student has been approved to work at the same organization or you have worked there in the past.  Pre-approvals are for that student only. A parent’s signature is required.

• Approvals are given for up to one year. 

About Reporting

• Call your supervisor two weeks or more before the deadline to say when you will bring the reporting form AND when you need it back.

• SSL hours are NOT earned for travel time.

• Hours per day can be reported in a range if they varied from day to day, for example, “2–6 hours”. The issue is not having more than 8 hours a day.

• Hours earned during the summer before 9th grade should be reported to Whitman, not Pyle.