School Opportunities

There are only a few opportunities working directly with the school. These include:

The PTSA is an independent organization and is preapproved for SSL. There are often opportunities to work with the PTSA at Whitman and at other schools. Listen for school announcements and look for Whitnet notices during the year.  

Assisting Teachers after School -- Students can earn SSL hours assisting teachers after school with work related to class instruction. Talk with your teacher. Assisting teachers during school hours only counts as Student Service Learning if a student is officially registered as a Student Aide for the semester, in which case you may earn 10 hours for each semester.

International Night -- In years when International Night helps support a charity, hours are available for students to help with the event. Work must be performed after school hours. The event is held in March.

School Plays, Music Performance or Athletics -- SSL hours are available only when these activities are done in conjunction with a charitable activity that meets a greater need in the community and for the hours of the event only, not for hours of preparation.  For example, students may earn SSL for ushering for a school play when a canned food drive is held at the same time, or working at an athletic event where a portion of the proceeds are donated to charity.


Courses with SSL Opportunities

A variety of courses in Career Technology will have SSL hours as part of the course work. These are automatically reported. SSL hours vary. See the Course Bulletin or Ms. Katz for details.

NSL: Students will automatically earn 7 SSL hours first semester and 8 hours second semester providing they fully participate in the activities and have a passing grade.

Child Development Courses and Internships: In the following first semester classes, 5 SSL hours are automatically earned. Students will have opportunities to earn up to 15 additional SSL hours.

  • Child and Adolescent Development 1A
  • Child and Adolescent Development 2A

In the following second semester classes, 5 SSL hours are automatically earned. Students will have opportunities to earn up to 15 additional SSL hours.

  • Child and Adolescent Development 1B
  • Child and Adolescent Development 2B

For Child and Adolescent Development 3A, there are no automatic SSL hours, but students can earn up to 20 SSL hours.
For Child and Adolescent Development 3B, there are no automatic SSL hours, but students can earn up to 25 SSL hours.

Educational Internship, single period, earns 5 SSL hours per semester.
Educational Internship, double period, earns 10 SSL hours per semester.

Contact Ms. Eiserike for details at

Student Aide 1st or 2nd semester 10 hours max
A student aide registers for one period a day for a full semester and helps a teacher or staff person with clerical duties. Discuss being a student aide with your guidance counselor. Students are responsible for reporting hours by exam review day to Ms. Katz using the reporting form also known as the SSL verification form.

Clubs with SSL Opportunities

Students in any club can talk with a club advisor about the possibility of starting SSL activities. Check the Whitman Clubs booklet (look under Need Ideas?) for "Charitable and Humanitarian" clubs.  A few that currently have SSL activities include:

Best Buddies
Reaches out to students with physical and intellectual disabilities.  Fun monthly after-school meetings and monthly group outings.
Faculty Sponsor:  Mr. Sutherland

Community Service Club
Holds monthly fundraisers for selected charities.
Faculty Sponsor:  Ms. Duvall 

Provides students with opportunities to develop their marketing, business and leadership skills. Students gain valuable experience by participating in projects to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the NIH, and other organizations.
Faculty Sponsor: Mrs. Marafatsos

International Club
Promoting understanding and celebration of different cultures and nations, this club raises funds for a charity each year by organizing International Night.
Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Maroni

Key Club
This service club helps with community projects in collaboration with Key Clubs of America and their adult sponsor, the Kiwanis Clubs of America.
Faculty Sponsor: Mr. DeMember

Las Manos Unidas
Runs drives and fundraisers for various schools lacking proper resources and journies to Spanish speaking countries to provide for them what they cannot for themselves.
Faculty Sponsor:  Mrs. Gough-Alonso 

Mathew 25:40
This non-profit foundation raises money to assist children at the Washington Grove Elementary School and help them to buy holiday gifts for their families. The club is open to all students and is not denominational, meaning it is not tied to one specific church.
Faculty Sponsor: Ms. Olden-Stahl

Running Strong for Native American Youth
Travels to a Native American reservation in the Midwest in the summer to do service projects and organizes fundraisers and student exchanges during the year.
Faculty Sponsor: Mr. O’ Brien Colin_R_O’ 

Whitman Relief Network
Makes monthly trips to the Capitol Area Food Bank, plus an annual trip to a FEMA disaster relief site.
Faculty Sponsor