Need Ideas?

• Check or have your parents check Whitnet for notices.
• Check the list of Whitman Clubs for Charitable and Humanitarian clubs.
• Go to the Montgomery County Volunteer Website for a list of service opportunities. Go to the bottom of the page, where you can look at all SSL approved activities, or search for only activities in the Bethesda area.  You can also search by activity - put in a keyword such as soccer, animals or theater, for example, to look for service opportunities.
Look for the graduation cap icon Graduation cap icon next to all organizations and opportunities that are preapproved by MCPS.  If that icon is not there, be sure to bring a pre-approval form to the SSL Coordinator before you begin the activity.
• Check the weekly and monthly calendar at the bottom of the Volunteer Website's page.
• Check the bulletin board outside of the Transcript office, inside the CIC (Room A119).
• Ask other students or parents.
• Listen to the morning announcements.
• Ask at your place of worship about non-religious community service.

More ideas for summer

• Montgomery County Department of Recreation offers SSL hours for help with various programs. Go to the link to programs, teens, and volunteer opportunities.

• You can also earn SSL hours by working as a CIT, without pay, for a private non-profit camp or summer program. Before applying, ask someone at the organization if it is non-profit. If it is not a preapproved SSL site, you will need to get approval from the SSL Coordinator to volunteer. Most applications for CIT work are due in January or February.

• Volunteer with Whitman’s “Running Strong for Native American Youth” club and travel to North Dakota in July to work on various service projects on a Native American reservation. Contact Mr. O’Brien Colin_R_O’ 

• Check with your place of worship about summer community service projects. Check with the SSL Coordinator to see if a project would be approved.