Approvals and Reporting


Is the organization pre-approved?

At, look at the blue "Find Opportunities Now" on the right side of the page for pre-approved organizations.  If the organization and activity is specifically labeled "MCPS SSL Approved", go ahead and volunteer. No forms are needed to start.

How do I get approval for organizations that are not "MCPS SSL Approved" or are not on the Volunteer Center's list?

1. Download and complete an approval form called the Request for Student Service Learning Pre-Approval or get a copy from the Transcript Office, inside the CIC. Have it signed by your supervisor at the organization sponsoring your work BEFORE you volunteer. A faxed signature or attached letter is OK.  You must complete the approval form even if another student has been approved to work at the organization or if you volunteered there more than one year ago (approvals are given for up to a year).
2. Photocopy the form for your records.
3. Give the form to the SSL Coordinator and she will often review it while you wait. The best time to see her is during lunch or before or after school. 
3. During the summer, contact Ms. Kimberly Bloch-Rincan, MCPS SSL Coordinator. The form can be mailed, faxed or dropped off but ask first which she prefers. Call her at 301-279-3454.

The SSL Coordinator (or Ms. Bloch-Rincan in summer) MUST sign your approval form BEFORE you volunteer in order to get credit for your SSL work.

The SSL Coordinator will contact you via email if your form is incomplete.
1. Download a copy of the reporting form called the Student Service Learning Activity Verification or get one at the Transcript Office, in the CIC.
2. Complete the “Student Information”.
3. Create your own log of hours, or pick up a blank one outside the Transcript Office, if there were over 20 hours of service. Include dates and hours worked.
4. Have your supervisor complete the “Organization Information” and sign it. A faxed signature is OK.
5. Photocopy the form and the log for your records.
6. Give the form to the SSL Coordinator.  Attach the approval form if you were required to have one.
Check that the hours appear on your report card at the end of each semester.