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Whitnet is the PTSA's moderated e-mail network for parents/guardians, staff and interested students of Walt Whitman High School.  Please note that Whitnet is not a "chat" network; it is reserved for official PTSA and school related announcements.

To subscribe, go to, choose "Join This Group" (top right corner).  You'll be prompted to login using your Yahoo ID.  If you don't have one, create one.  Ignore the buttons prompting you to login using your Facebook or Gmail ID.  In order to submit a subscription request, you must have a Yahoo ID and be logged into Yahoo. Include the two bullet points below in the "Message to Owner" before submitting your request.  

  • Student's name(s) and grade(s)
  • Parent's name(s)

Students are also permitted to subscribe. 

Once you are approved for membership, you will receive an email on your email account.  This will take a day or two.  If you want your email delivered to an address other than, be sure to edit your Membership to enter in the address you prefer.  You can change this address whenever you want simply by logging into your Yahoo account and then going to the Whitnet page on Yahoogroups and clicking Membership, then Edit Membership.  Click on the Edit (pencil) icon next to Identity and add a new email address.  Then choose to have your mail delivered to that address.

If you have questions or problems, please email the subscription moderator at  Please note that moderators can no longer subscribe persons directly.  You have to follow this process on the Yahoogroups web site.  Also note that if you choose to receive a "Daily Digest" of each day's messages, instead of getting each message individually, you will receive the daily digest early in the morning on the following day.

Note that Whitnet and Whitcom must be subscribed to separately.

Helena Liden,, Parent Volunteer


Whitcom is a managed, unmoderated, e-mail discussion group open to parents, faculty, and staff of Whitman High School. Whitcom is for informal communication about topics related to Whitman, such as items lost at school, requests for tutors or carpools, and general questions regarding sports or other after-school activities and events.  The manager posts the weekly community announcements, and maintains the comprehensive Whitcom Tutor Listing and Neighborhood Specialist Listing, available to Whitcom members.  Members may not post tutor or business ads. 

How to Join

Send an email to or with the parent‘s name, names of children at Whitman, home phone, and email address(es).