Gone are the days of sentence completions and long gone are the days of syllogisms. Instead, students are now asked to pick the best word out of a set of synonyms. 


To that end, the company Ivy Global has released two strong vocabulary resources at the links below.


- The first begins with a brief analysis of roots and then compiles a list of 250 words at SAT-level difficulty: https://downloads.ivyglobal.com/sat/practice/New_SAT_Vocabulary_List.pdf


- The second groups 500 total words by categories, similar actually to how the questions will treat synonyms--and although some words here exceed the likely difficulty of the exam, studying within categories in a way that mirrors the exam will prove useful: https://ivyglobal.ca/sat/Downloads/IvyGlobal-500_Most_Important_Words.pdf

Having acclimated to the new test for a couple years now, I can tell you both are strong compilations.