Whitman Clubs FAQ

1) Why get involved with a Whitman Club?

Being a member of a Whitman club gives you an opportunity to explore areas of interest through camaraderie and sharing.  Doesn't hurt your resume either!

2) How can I get involved in Whitman after-school clubs?

You can join an established club or create a new club.

Attend the kick-off and informational evening known as Whitman Clubs Night, usually the third Tuesday of September, 7-9 PM.  Each year, WCN provides the opportunity to learn more about each club as well as to register for clubs.

3) Where can I find information about the clubs?

If possible, attend Whitman Clubs Night.  You will get a chance to meet people already involved in the clubs and ask questions about their activities.

Otherwise, read the WCN booklet listing all of the clubs that will be available that evening.  The booklet is thereafter available in the office and on the Whitman website.  This booklet has all information on the individual clubs including descriptions, sponsor contact information and club meeting frequency.

4) What does it cost to participate?

Prior to participating in any club or activity at Whitman, the student must pay the extracurricular activity fee (ECA) to the MCPS system. You can pick up the form in the MCPS main office or call 301-517-5000. Unless stated in the Whitman Clubs Night booklet, there is no additional cost other than the above-mentioned activity fee. 

5) Are there prerequisites or limits to joining any clubs?

Most clubs have no prerequisites, but a few do. Refer to the WCN booklet for information specific to each club. There is no limit to the number of clubs a student can join. However, it is more rewarding to have substantial involvement in one or two activities than superficial involvement in many.

6) Can I join a club in the middle of the year? Do I have to attend the club all year?

It depends on the club. Check with the sponsor listed in the WCN booklet.

7) Are Student Service Learning Hours available for any of the clubs?

Yes. They are listed in the Service, Charitable and Humanitarian Clubs section of the WCN booklet and other sections of the booklet that carry service learning components.  However, appropriate paperwork must be cleared and registered through the Service Learning Office prior to authorization.  Students should check with the Service Learning Office prior to performing service, to verify that the hours will be accepted.  There is a current list of approved activities at the Service Learning Office, although that list is continually uddated.  If your club is not on the list, you must submit a form requesting approval. 

8) Why start a Whitman club?

You can entice other students to explore your area of interest through camaraderie and sharing.  Doesn't hurt your resume either!

9) How can my club be part of the WCN?

You must complete the required Club Information Registration form by the date listed.  This form is available on the Clubs Home page and in the front office


Obtain a teacher sponsor and get his/her signature on the WCN form.  The procedure for this is to approach the teacher of your choosing and describe the club and all the details to peak their interest.


Some forms must be submitted to Dr. Goodwin for his approval.  See the Club Registration form for details on approvals.  Completed forms that need to be approved should be placed in the appropriately-labeled box in the office.

10) How should I prepare for Whitman Clubs Night ?


Student representatives must make all of the arrangement with the teacher sponsors or another staff member for their club for any audio-visual or computer equipment.  Equipment will need to be returned promptly.  The WCN Committee does not assist with this.

Prepare your publicity campaign (posters, texts, morning announcements, etc.) to get the word out about your club and drum up interest.

Make a poster identifying your club, and bring it along at set-up with any other supplies you may need (markers, masking tape, scissors, sign-up sheet for new members, pens and pencils) for your assigned table.

Be available for set-up on Whitman Clubs Night from 5:00-6:30 p.m. (approximately).


Whitman Clubs Night is normally open from 7-9 p.m.



Each club is responsible for cleaning up its display and any trash in its display area.

Return any audio-visual or computer equipment promptly.

After Whitman Clubs Night, you run the club!