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Edline Information

Edline is White Oak's online grade reporting system. It allows students and parents to access current grades and assignments online, as well as other information about the school.

Need an activation code? Have a question about Edline?

Contact: Madelyn Badger, 301-989-5728

Directions to Activate your Edline account

  • Print this page
  • Click this HYPERLINK: WOMS Edline Page 
  • Click on "Click here if you have a new activation code" (left column at the bottom)
  • Type in the activation code provided to you. (contact Madelyn Badger if you need an activation code) IF you have more than one child at the school THEN: enter all the activation codes (one after the other) and click "Enter."
  • You will now see a screen identifying you as your child's parent with the words "at White Oak Middle School" following it. Click "Activate this Code."
  • Terms of Use Policy appears, Click "I Agree."
  • On the next screen, click "New Account." Type in your screen name and password. Click "Continue."
    • Type in your email address and choose your preferences for receiving mail.
    • Click on the down arrow in the Security question box. Choose a topic/question. Type in the answer. Click "Update."
    • OPTIONAL: Click "Student/Parent Quick-Start Guide" to learn the procedures for using Edline. After printing remember to close Acrobat Reader OR click your brower's back arrow to return to Edline.
    • Click "Done" in the upper right hand corner of the Edline screen.
    • You'll now see your Edline home page with your child's name (or children's names) linked to it.
      1. Click on your child's name to see his/her schedule.
      2. Click on a class to see assignments posted for that class.
      3. Click on Private Reports to see grades posted for your child.
This page is maintained by the White Oak MS web team. Questions? Contact Madelyn Badger at Madelyn_R_Badger@mcpsmd.org
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