End-of-year celebrations with our students- all 516 of them!

Family Picnic:  On Tuesday, June 12th from 6-8pm we will have a family picnic with tables set up inside and outside Westland. There will be food trucks or you can bring your own dinner. (Once upon a time this was on the books for June 11th but it is June 12th rain or shine.)  We will have kickball, volleyball, a DJ, BCC spirit wear and lots of photo opportunities.


Promotion Ceremony: On Wednesday, June 13th, we will have a promotion ceremony for our students in the Westland cafeteria from 8:30- 10:00 am.

Parents/guardians are invited to watch a simulcast from the comfort of their homes/offices or they can come to Westland to view it in the media center or room 212.  (Originally we planned on simulcasting from the gym but it is not an air-conditioned space!)

At the conclusion, students may leave in the company of a parent/guardian or a parent/guardian identified by a written note.  (They will not be able to leave on their own without a parent present (even if you send in a note) in the middle of the school day.)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can we bring to the family picnic?

All family members are welcome.

  1. Should we bring food to the picnic?

There will be food trucks at the picnic or families can feel free to bring their own dinner.

  1. If the weather does not cooperate (rain or extreme heat), will the picnic be cancelled?

It will not be cancelled!  We will have access to the school cafeteria in case for an air conditioned space and in case of bad weather.

  1. Can I watch the promotion in person rather than on the simulcast in the gym?

Unfortunately, there is no space within the promotion ceremony for anyone besides the 516 8th graders and twenty faculty. Parents can view the ceremony on simulcast from the comfort of their own homes/offices or in the media center and room 212.  (We will not be issuing tickets to the simulcast. We will seat people until we reach our capacity.)

  1. If I want to watch it simulcasted from a room at Westland, where should I park?  

Parents should park in the lot near the Westbard Rite Aid as our spaces will be full with our staff.  (We have contacted the property manager of the lot regarding this event to assure that parking will not be an issue.) We will begin seating guests at 8:00 am.  If you have a member of your party that needs to be dropped off at school, please follow directions of our security assistants.

  1. Will my child walk across the stage to receive a certificate at the promotion ceremony?

No. This is one of the aspects that differentiates our event from a high school graduation. Some students receiving special awards will be called to the stage.  

  1. Will my child wear a cap and gown to promotion?

No. Students should plan to come in nice clothes, but they will not wear caps and gowns.  

  1. What happens at the conclusion of the promotion ceremony?

Students can gather outside under the portico (weather permitting) to take photos with one another and sign yearbooks.  Then they will return to their third period classes. If parents/guardians are present, students may sign out and leave with them.  If a student wishes to leave with someone else’s parent/guardian s/he must bring in a signed note from his/her parent to this effect.  Students will not be permitted to leave campus on their own or with friends without an adult present.

  1. Were other locations considered for the promotion ceremony?

Yes and no.  With seats for 516 eighth graders plus faculty and only two tickets per student, we would need a facility that could fit more than 1600 people. (High school auditoriums do not fit that many.  Other local stages such as Round House and Imagination do not fit that many.) We do not have a budget for other, larger spaces..

  1. Do all middle schools in MCPS have promotion ceremonies?

No. Some middle schools do not have a ceremony at all and choose instead a class party/picnic, boat cruise, trip to an amusement park, etc.  Some have daytime ceremonies. Some have evening ceremonies.

  1. Do the eighth graders have school after the promotion ceremony on June 13?

Yes.  Classes are in session for all students until dismissal at 12:30 on Friday, June 15.  

  1. Why wasn’t the promotion scheduled for the last day of school?

Once upon a time, Wednesday the 13th WAS the last day of school.  We locked in the 13th and then the school year was extended because of emergency weather closings.

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