Carnegie Hall Performance 

The field trip confirmation is a two part process.

1. The first payment of $595 is due by November 3, 2017.      

2. Registration at the Performa America link is to be completed by each student.


First payment is due on November 3rd for all chorus members attending the NYC Carnegie Hall Field Trip on April 12-15, 2018.  Students can click on the WMS homepage 

AOnline School Payment link to make their first payment of $595 or 

B. checks can be made out to Westland Middle School and given to Mr. Guerra. Cash can be accepted  if brought in, but it is advised that parents bring in this amount and  give it to Mr. Guerra personally.


Students are to register with Perform America to reserve their spot on the field trip. The link below is provided for registration. No payment is made during the Perform America registration process.


Follow the link for field trip registration with Perform America.  


Student Link: 

Notes :

- Each traveler must register online. Individuals must go through all of the steps online before they are fully registered for the trip. They will receive a confirmation once they are properly registered. When filling in their birth date, they must use the exact format MM/DD/YYYY. When typing in a phone number, please do not use any dashes.

Once chaperones are selected, they will be asked to register.


Below is the cost breakdown for our Carnegie Field Trip.



Per student price

Hotel (includes breakfast)


Tour busses (includes bus charters, hotel and tips for drivers, and bus parking)


Tour directors


Top of the Rock


Broadway show


Statue of Liberty


Festival fee


3 dinners ($30 each)


3 lunches ($15 each)


Hotel security ($100/night)*4 nights


5 prorated packages (2 teachers & 3 chaperones )


Price margin @ 20%


Subtotal (Perform America costs):



Perform America trip package:


Substitute teacher (2 full days):


Polo shirts





Field trip fee (rounded up):




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