Book Wars: Westland Middle School

What is Book Wars?

Book Wars is a team book trivia competition. Students work in teams throughout the

year in preparation for the Book Wars Completion Day which will be held on April

6th, 2018 from approximately 9:30am to 2:30pm , at Silver Creek Middle School.

This year 27 middle schools will be competing for the honor of being named Book Wars

Champions and taking the Book Wars Cup to their school’s trophy case.

Program Information:

● There will be three teams (one for each grade level), with up to 5 students per

team. Teams will meet about twice monthly during STAR or lunch in the library

to discuss the books, ask questions, hangout and have fun!

● Team members will need to commit to read the same ten books as all the other

kids in MCPS participating in Book Wars between October and April. See

attached for the list of books.

● The books cover a variety of genres and characters. They are all available to

borrow from our school, and approved for middle school readers.

Other Info:

● Do you like to read things outside of your favorite genre? That’s a must.

● Think about your interest level. Think about your time commitments. Your

teammates need to be able to count on you!

● If you incur any suspensions or become academically ineligible, you will not be

able to participate in Book Wars.

Competition Day:

● The winning team will be awarded a prize or trophy, etc. for the school.

● Judges will also be on hand to award prizes for team unity, tee shirt design, and



Interested? Fill out the application on the back and return to Mrs. Salnick in the

media center by Friday, October 6th.

More information and application form


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