The 1940's - A Decade of Change


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Background Information

1940's Timeline Facts About the Decade

Inflation Calculator (use with the Facts About the Decade site)

The Media History Project Timeline Photos from the WWII Era-Find a photograph to represent your topic
World War II Primary Documents from the U.S. National Archives Clip - find clip art to illustrate your essays

Research Categories

Culture Economic Social and Political Issues
Technological Advances WWII Battles Anne Frank


The Arts Literature
Women During WWII Fashion
Media and Propaganda Memories of the Era

The Arts

Remembering the 1940s - Sound and Music World War II - History in the Key of Jazz Greatest Films of the 1940's
Dance - East Coast Swing Music and Radio Top 50 1940's films
Dance - The Lindy Hop African American Odyssey: Cultural Expressions in the 1940's-Music and Sports Guide to Baseball Films of the 1940s
Dance - Swing Jump for Joy - All American Black Musical Abbott and Costello Meet the Internet
Dance - Jitterbug Theater, Film and Television Art and Architecture


Caldecott Books of the 1940s (We have them all in the media center if you want to check them out!) Newbery Books of the 1940s (We have them all in the media center if you want to check them out!)

Women During WWII

Women and World War II  Army Nurse Corps All American Girls Professional Baseball Leagues - 1943-1954 
Women of the Century (1940's) WASP - WWII (Women Air Force Service Pilots) Women in Baseball in WWII
Rosie the Riveter  Fly Girls Women in Baseball 
Women's Army Corps  -------- ------------

Media and Propaganda

Posters Newspapers, Magazines, Radio Political Cartoons
World War II Poster Collection July 1942 - United We Stand"  Political Cartoons
Women's Recruiting Posters Life Magazine Online Dr. Seuss Went to War (political cartoons)
Powers of Persuasion - Poster Art of WWII  Pro Quest Historical Newspapers Herblock's History (look for the 40's)
Produce for Victory - Posters on the Home Front - 1941-1945 Fireside Chats of FDR (scroll down for the 1940's) Arthur Szyk, Wartime Caricaturist
ProQuest Historical Newspapers---------

Use of Advertising for Propaganda

 Opposing Viewpoints-------


Fashion and Fads
Dial a Decade for Shoes
Wartime Fashion - French, British and American
A Suit for him, A Suit for her
WW IIs influence on fashion

Memories of the Era

Life on the Homefront Stories from the 1940's Some Memories of Margaret Wilson (British)
World War II Oral Histories from around the world  What did you do in the war, Grandma? Francis Oxby - The Gentle Hero (British)
The Wartime Memories of Jean Bruce (British) Spanish American Wives and Mothers American Home Front: From Homemaker to Shipbuilder



Inflation Calculator (scroll down the page to find it) Wartime (and postwar) rations
Business and the Economy in the 1940s (you might have to enter the Student Resource Center, Jr. username and password) Rationing During WWII
Rationing and Utility Clothing of the 1940s  Gas Rationing as described by 3 famous comedians of the time
American Home Front: Home Life Rationbooks during WWII 
War Loans and Bonds Business: Mobilization for WWII
An Introduction to Utility Clothing Produce for Victory - Posters on the Home Front - 1941-1945

Social and Political Issues

African Americans Hispanic Americans Japanese Internment

African Americans

African Americans in the 20th Century - The 1940s  I was a Negro in the South for 30 Days-1948 1943 The Detroit Race Riots 
American Experience Detroit Race Riots - 1943 History of the Negro Baseball Leagues Baseball, the Color Line and Jackie Robinson

Hispanic Americans

A History of Mexican Americans in California -WWII and its aftermath On the Battlefront: Latinos in America's Wars History of Mexican Americans in WWII
The Official Braceros Agreement  US Latinos and Latinas and WWII (choose from the list) Zoot Suit Riots (list of sites)

Japanese Internment/Detainees Post September 11, 2001

A More Perfect Union - Japanese Americans and the Constitution-from the Smithsonian (Issues of Relocation and Internment)

Primary Documents from the U.S. National Archives

American Home Front: Japanese Americans: The War at Home

Mess Hall Line - September 22,  1942 
Heart Mountain Relocation Center

Selected Websites on Japanese Relocation and Internment 

1940's Decade of Change: Now and Then 

And don't forget:

Anne Frank

Anne Frank House

Museum of Tolerance Online

United States Holocaust Museum

We Remember Anne Frank

Technological Advances

Science in the 1940s-Timeline

Codebreaking Computers
Radio and TV Nuclear Age

Codebreaking - In General

Bletchley Park - top secret codes were broken here! Codes and Ciphers in the Second World War
Enigma Machine US Codebreakers in WWII

Codebreaking - Navajo Code Talkers

Navajo Code Talkers from the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration


The ENIAC Story (the first electronic digital computer) ENIAC is built (pbs)

Radio and TV

History of Radio Old Time Radio
Radio News Radios Television History

Nuclear Age

The Nuclear Age (Einstein) Einstein Speaks out on Nuclear Weapons and World Peace Peace and War  (Einstein and the Manhattan Project)
The Manhattan Project (National Atomic Museum) The Cost of the Manhattan Project The Manhattan Project (including short biographies of some of the "players")
Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the A-Bomb- See the Online Reference Services to begin your investigation.   A-Bomb WWW Museum (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) Hiroshima Peace Site (English version)


WWII Battles

World War II Timeline (with photos and text) Links to WWII Maps Pearl Harbor Raid
Pacific Naval Battles of WWII with maps World War II History (USAF - United States Air Force) - includes battles and weapons used Day of Infamy (Man on the street interviews after the attack on Pearl Harbor)
D-Day Message from General Eisenhower to General Marshall Remembering Pearl Harbor (National Geographic)
Battle of Midway Presents Normandy 1940's Decade of Change: Now and Then 
Maps of WW II Battle of Midway - Frequently Asked Questions -------


Print Resources

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In summary, what will students use to Gather information from print resources:

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2. Books from the Reference collection.

3. The Patrons' Catalog to find more books on your topic.

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