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 Nancy L. Stephens


Attendance Secretary/After School Activities Coordinator

Main Office:  301 650-6444

All Notes Should Be Turned Into the Main Office


Absent From School:  If your student is going to be absent please send me an e-mail stating the date of the absence and the reason.  If your student is out for more than one day please send me an e-mail each day the student is out.  If you do not have access to e-mail send a note with your student when they return to school.


Late to School:  If your student is coming late to school please send the student in with a note stating the reason and have them sign in.


Connect – Ed Phone Calls:  A phone call will go home whenever a student misses one or more classes in a given day.  This is to let you know the student missed a class and to remind you to send in a note if the student was absent for the whole day.


Early Dismissal – If you are picking up your student early from school send in a note with your student stating the time of the early pick up.  Have your student bring the note to the main office.  We will write a pass for the student to leave the classroom 10 minutes early to go to the locker and meet you in the main office.  This eliminates calling into classrooms and disrupting the class to call students out.  Sometimes you do not know ahead of time that you will be pulling your student out of school early so just come in about 10 – 15 minutes early so we can call the student down to the office.
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