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I am Mr. Max Althofer  the TPES School Counselor. As the counselor my role is to be an advocate for the students. It is my responsibility to plan the school-wide program to address social development, academic success, decision making and problem solving skills. I work with the students, staff, parents, and community to help and encourage each student to reach success both socially and emotionally and academically.

What is the Counseling Program?

The counseling program supports and complements the efforts of the classroom teacher to facilitate each child’s learning. It is designed to aid students in reaching their potential through classroom guidance, group and/or individual counseling, and parent and staff consultation. The aim of the counseling program is to reach ALL the children and support their growth and learning opportunities.

The counselor is:

  • A listener
  • A school person who helps all students do their best
  • A resource person for teachers and parents
  • A consultant with parents and teachers
  • A member of the Educational Management Team

The counselor can help with referrals and obtaining services both inside and outside of the school. The counselor provides guidance lessons in each classroom every month meets with those students that are referred by teachers, parents or staff either individually or in small groups, and encourages the children to listen, learn, and grow together as a unit.


Look for detailed information on classroom lessons, programs, and general parenting suggestions/ideas in the Counselor Corner of the school Dolphin Newsletter.

For further information about the counseling program at Takoma Park, please feel free to call:Mr. Althofer, Counselor (240)740-0980