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Welcome to Stonegate's Art Studio

Note from Ms. Arias:

As the new art teacher for Stonegate, I am thrilled to discover the many artistic talents of our Stonegate Sharks! I believe every child has the opportunity to explore creative processes through the use of Big Ideas. This year, our goal is to familiarize ourselves with as many artists as possible. The art projects we will be creating will be connected to art history, culture, production, and much more!

Stonegate Artist of the Year: Wassily Kandinsky

During the first week of school, students collaborated on a school-wide mural based on the same artist and concept. Students learned about Kandinsky and his famous circle paintings.

Grade 1 and 2 collaborated by using different size and layers.

Grade 3 collaborated by including a pattern to their piece.

Grade 4 and 5 have to include double the amount of layers and patterns. 

Here is the final mural:



Want to try some games and lessons at home? Here is an amazing website with lots of art to do!

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