Math FAQs

What are the differences between the AP and the IB Mathematics Courses?

AP and IB students begin with honors classes ( Honors Geometry and Honors Algebra 2 ). After Algebra 2 students may choose IB Math Studies. After Honors Algebra 2 students may choose one of three options (see the diagram) depending upon whether they want to pursue an IB diploma as their goal. Once a student is accepted in the IB program, the differences are twofold:

1. The IB program requires a written project for the IB Math Studies  and IB Standard Level classes.
2. In the IB Math Studies course a different range of topics is emphasized which prepares students for the IB Exam.

What are the options after AP Calculus?

After AP Calculus Springbrook offers three classes: AP Statistics, IB Higher Level and Multi-Variable Calculus.

What purpose does the calculator play in the Mathematics classroom?

The MCPS (Montgomery County Public Schools) and NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) philosophy states that the student should be able to understand and state mathematical problems using these three components: numerically, graphically and analytically. In support of this philosophy the calculator is an invaluable technical tool to be used as a resource to enhance and explore any concept in Mathematics.

Do we have a Math Team?

There is a Springbrook Math Team and we have a very high caliber of students. Every year we send students to the American Regional Mathematics League competition and we are currently the two year defending Champions for the Johns Hopkins University Mathematical Tournament. Students meet on Wednesdays for practice.

How can students get help?

  • Teachers are generally available every day at lunch or after school for a short time. If students need more help, they can make an appointment.
  • The Mathematics Department has a list of paid tutors available for hire. Please contact Ms. Range for the list.

Will students get credit for high school math classes taken in middle school?

Yes. To receive credit the students must pass the class and the final exam.

Can students retake a high school course they took during middle school and receive the higher grade?

Yes. Current and future Grade 6-8 students may retake a high school course they took during middle school and receive the higher grade. They must retake the course the year immediately following their first attempt. The lower grade will not be reported on their transcripts.