Math Department

Mathematics Belief Statement

We believe education should foster students' abilities to be lifelong learners,
to be able to think critically, and find value in all people. 


ACT and SAT Administration at Springbrook

The ACT and SAT tests are offered at Springbrook. Information and registration books are available in the Guidance Office for these tests.

Math Team

If you LOVE mathematics, and have that competitive spirit, please see Mr. Michael Price in room F-211. The new season is under way!

Credit For High School Courses Taken In Middle School

For students in Grades 6-8 who successfully complete a high school course and pass the final exam, credit will be awarded and the grade will be recorded automatically on their high school transcripts when these students enter high school. Students will no longer need to make a request for this to happen. Grade 6-8 students may retake a high school course they took during middle school and receive the higher grade. They must retake the course the year immediately following their first attempt.The lower grade will not be reported on their transcripts. This option represents a significant change to earlier procedures. These students should use MCPS form 560-55, Request to Retake High School Course Taken in Middle School. This form is also available in the guidance office.