2017-2018 Registration

Please visit the links below to learn more about the exciting course offerings at Springbrook and to select your courses for next year.   Some of the courses include:  MYP/IB, Technology, Five different Languages, and our Justice, Law, & Society courses...

Phone Numbers

Phone: (301) 989-5710

Registrar: (301) 989-6089

Fax: (301) 989-6052

Counseling Services Assignments


Name Email  Grade 9-11   Grade 12 
Tee Clark
Resource Counselor  LFI, SCB, ESOL METS, ESOL 1 Don - Fut*
Mia Shin  A - Calk A - Bas*
Denine Gudnitz   Call - Gal Bat - Dj*
Burke Oleszewski     Gam - Kon Gam - Kon
Jacqueline Iloh   Kou - Ngu Kou - Ngu
Karen Greger  Ngw - Sho Ngw - Sho
Kareef Overton  Si - Z Si - Z
 * Denotes different alphabet for Grade 12
Lulu Fetzer-Munoz  ESOL Counselor 
Lisa Saunders  Registrar
Ruth E. Figueroa  Counseling Secretary
Nancy J. Oakley  Counseling Secretary 
Tammy R. Patterson  College & Career
Information Coordinator 

Helpful Links

Fee Waivers 

  • Fee waivers are available for the ACT, SAT and NCAA Eligibility fees.
  • See Ms. Lisa Saunders or Ms. Tee Clark for waivers and qualifications.
  • NEC phone #240-740-2540

Registration Information

New students must first contact the Northeast Consortium Office for Enrollment.

Northeast Consortium Office Phone: 301-592-2040.

Once assigned to Springbrook HS then call for a Registration Appointment at 301-989-5710.