2017-2018 Registration

Please visit the links below to learn more about the exciting course offerings at Springbrook and to select your courses for next year.   Some of the courses include:  MYP/IB, Technology, Five different Languages, and our Justice, Law, & Society courses...

Phone Numbers

Phone: (301) 989-5710

Registrar: (301) 989-6089

Fax: (301) 989-6052

Counseling Services Assignments


Name Email  Grade 9-11   Grade 12 
Tee Clark
Resource Counselor  LFI, SCB, ESOL METS, ESOL 1 Don - Fut*
Mia Shin  A - Calk A - Bas*
Denine Gudnitz   Call - Gal Bat - Dj*
Burke Oleszewski     Gam - Kon Gam - Kon
Jacqueline Iloh   Kou - Ngu Kou - Ngu
Karen Greger  Ngw - Sho Ngw - Sho
Kareef Overton  Si - Z Si - Z
 * Denotes different alphabet for Grade 12
Lulu Fetzer-Munoz  ESOL Counselor 
Lisa Saunders  Registrar
Ruth E. Figueroa  Counseling Secretary
Nancy J. Oakley  Counseling Secretary 
Tammy R. Patterson  College & Career
Information Coordinator 

Helpful Links

Fee Waviers

Fee waivers are available for the ACT, SAT and NCAA Eligibility fees See Ms. Lisker for waivers and qualifications.

Registration Information

New students must first contact the Northeast Consortium Office for Enrollment.

Northeast Consortium Office Phone: 301-592-2040.

Once assigned to Springbrook HS then call for a Registration Appointment at 301-989-5710.