Sligo Counseling Department

Sligo Middle School’s Counseling Department exists to inspire our students to be respectful, responsible and safe to build relationships within our community.   Sligo’s counselors are committed to enhance our students’ social, emotional and academic development through individual and small group work.  Sligo’s counselors also provide responsive services that include student/staff/parent consultation, community referrals as well as classroom guidance.


"13 Reasons Why" Parent Information


6th Grade Counselor:  Terri Stith  


7th Grade Counselor:  Theresa Bacon  


8th Grade Counselor: Chris Guthrie


Counseling Secretary/Registrar: Judid Burgos


Pupil Personnel Worker:  Benito Vasquez


School Psychologist:  Ferwaha Arooj


Parent Community Coordinator: Oscar Buitrago


ESOL/METS Counselor: Mary Slotkowski


ESOL Transition Counselor: Monica Pimienta



Parents can call the Counseling Office at 301.287.8970 between the hours of 8:00 – 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday for an appointment to discuss any concerns related to their child. 


Sligo Attendance Brochure



Information that you share with your school counselor is not discussed with others.  This information is private.  If the counselor believes the student will be helped by sharing confidential information, the counselor will discuss the pros and cons with the student.  However, situations may exist where information shared with a school counselor requires mandatory reporting by state law.  The mandated information include: any reference or indication of harm to self of others, and child abuse or neglect. 



  • Parent or legal guardian must complete and sign the following MCPS forms: 
  • New Student Information Form (560-24) 
  • Authorization to Request/release Student Records (560-2) 
  • Emergency Information (565-1) 
  • Parent or legal guardian must bring copies of the following additional information: 
  • Proof of Residency  
  • Current property bill or settlement sheet for homeowners 
  • Lease for renters 
  • Current Utility Bill – electric, gas or water in parent’s or legal guardian’s name, must accompany older documents 
  • Note: If the person enrolling the student is not his/her parent, the family is referred to the Residency and Tuition Office (301.315.7354) 
  • Birth Certificate or Passport – non- U.S. Citizens who have not attended a public school on the United States within the last two years, must call the International Student Admission Office (301.230.0686) to enroll  
  • Health Immunization Records 
  • Name and contact information of previous school  
  • Report Card (most recent) 
  • Copy of Student’s Individualized Educational Program, if your child receives Special Education Services 
  • Copy of Student’s 504, if your child receives accommodations stipulated by a 504 
  • Clearance Form (560-21) if your child is transferring from another MCPS School during school year, or a School Transfer form if student is enrolling from a non-MCPS school 





  • Do you have a question about a grade on your child’s report card? – Initially, all academic concerns should be directed to your child’s teacher.  You are welcome to contact your child’s counselor, but may possibly be redirected to the individual teacher for additional clarity. 
  • Do you have a question of how to contact my child’s teacher? –Staff emails are available on the school website or through your EdLine account.  A teacher can also be contacted via phone. 
  • Do you have a question about the purpose of a team meeting or parent conference? – A team meeting would be scheduled when your child is having difficulty in some or all of his/her classes and a discussion with all teachers is warranted for information sharing and problem solving.  Team meetings can be schedule through your child’s counselor. 
  • Do you have a question about your child receiving high school credit for courses taken in middle school?  - Students taking high school courses in middle school are required by State of Maryland regulations (COMAS 13A.03.02.05) to pass the course and the final examination at the end of the second semester in order to earn credit towards high school graduation. In additional, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Regulation ISB-RA, High School Graduation Requirements, states (II .A) that original credit may be received for foreign language and mathematics courses taken in middle school if the student successfully completes the course and passes the examination at the end of the second semester. Currently, Sligo offers Algebra I, Algebra II, Honors Geometry, French I/II, Spanish I/II/III/IV, and Website Development.      






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