Beginning Monday, October 23, 2017, the Montgomery County Board of Education will be changing the process to sign up to speak at Board business meetings.


Based on feedback from the community and the growing use of technology, we will be asking the community to use a Google form, located on our website, to sign up to speak.  Rather than individuals calling the Board Office on the Monday before a Board meeting, the Google form will be open to use on the Friday morning before a Board business meeting until the following Monday at noon.  With this process, telephone calls will no longer be accepted.


Community feedback is essential to informing the Board's decisions and it is critical that the Board hear and understand the different perspectives of our community members.  By changing to an online format, the Board believes it will be able to reach and hear from more individuals within the community.  The Board will use many outreach platforms to communicate this change with as many people as possible.  Questions may be directed to the Board's legislative aid, Patricia Swanson.