Sherwood High School Edline Support

Edline Information:

  • All students and parents have separate Edline accounts. It is highly recommended that parents not use their child's Edline account. Parents should establish their own account.
  • All returning students and parents will use last year's screen name and password.
  • Any student or parent new to Sherwood (including all 9th grade students) must obtain an activation code to set up their Edline account.
  • 9th grade students and new 10th, 11th and 12th grade students will receive their activation code in homeroom the first week of school.
  • All new parents will receive their activation code in the U.S. mail during the first week of school. If you do not receive an activation code by Sept. 7, contact the email address below for assistance.

Edline is a classroom-to-home online communication system. Some features include:

  • Automatic updates of grades Sunday through Thursday nights
  • Email to parents when new grades are available
  • Secure and password protected access for students and parents
  • Combine siblings into one parent account

For instructions and assistance in activating and using your Edline account, see the MCPS Online Achievement and Reporting System.

For more information about using Edline, see the Edline Parent Manual.

For additional help, contact the media center at 301-924-3217.