Mrs. Fleming's Blog

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year!  

May 8, 2017 - PARCC testing continues for grade 3-5.  Please support your child by giving them a good night's rests and healthy breakfast to start their day. 

May 7, 2017 - Last week was Children's Mental Health Awareness week.  The state of Maryland leads a yearly campaign to build awareness around this important subject.  Check out more information here.

May 1-5, 2017 - Thank you SO much to everyone for all of the super generous gestures to show staff appreciation.  Thank you to the staff and community for collaborating for the good of our students!


April 10, 2017 - Hope everyone enjoyed Spring Break!!


March 6, 2017 - Check out the collaborative and fun classroom lesson that Mrs. Fleming was able to complete with Kindergarten in Mrs. Weiss' class!

picture picture2

 March 2, 2017 -   Check out these resources about immigration.

March 1, 2017 - Our students did a great job working through the unexpected weather recently, especially the power outage this afternoon.  Way to show your flexibility and resiliency!

 February 28, 2017 - All month we celebrated Kindness after focusing on the National Kindness Week (from the 6-10th).  Students completed Kindness Challenges and had got traced.  We put up all of the body outlines around the school building to show how each individual leaves their own unique mark by starting a ripple of kindness!  Check out some of the photos:

 kindnesschallenge     kindnesschallenge2

February 15, 2017: Check out the guidance lesson from Ms. Better's class about the importance of Academic Risk Taking!

 drop2    drop3

February 10, 2017 - Ms. Ruben is always on the hunt for great resources and so graciously shared this super cool resource about resiliency with me.  Check it out - 

February 7, 2017 - I am so honored to have the opportunity to present with the PTA about Growth Mindset.  Thank you so much to all of the parents who attended.  IF you missed the training and are interested here is the slideshow.  Thanks!

 February 6, 2017 -  Today is the beginning of National School Counseling Week.  Thanks for allowing me to have the greatest job and opportunity ever in working with Sherwood's students, staff and families to support our kids!  Here is a brief little video clip about my role as a school counselor.

January 31, 2017 - Today was our Quarter 2 Blue and Gold Assembly.  Check-in with your child to see if their class won any of the compliments or Specials awards!

January 23, 2017 - Students who are encouraged to apply for the Highly Gifted Center have been sent letters in the mail.  All current 3rd grade students have also received the parent request form, if you are interested in having your child test.  Please contact me with any additional questions or needs you might have around this subject.

January 3 2017 - Welcome back from Winter Break!  I wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope all who celebrated had a fantastic Holiday Season!

December 20 2016 - Children's Mental Health is of upmost importance in this challenging and busy day and age.  Check out some of the fantastic resources Maryland Coalition for Children's Mental Health and Mental Health Association of Maryland put together for this year!

December 1 2016: InView testing is currently occurring.  Please help your child do their best by reminding them to eat and sleep appropriately!  All second graders and some 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are currently participating in this test.  It is a component of Gifted and Talented identification. 


November 21 2016:  Thanksgiving and the Winter Holidays are here!  Enjoy celebrating with your family!


October 25 2016:  The cooler weather is on the way, please encourage your child to bundle up.  If you are in need of clothing, coats, winter accessories, please feel free to reach out so I can help!


October 18 2016: You may want to consider participating in this middle school webinarmswebinar2mswebinar

 October 17 2016: Please remember to send in the Alternate Fall Activity form if you do not want your child to participate in the Halloween celebrations with their class at the end of the month.  Remember the celebrations have been moved to Friday afternoon.  If your child needs to borrow a Halloween costume, I also have a variety of those they are able to check-out.


October 12 2016: Reminder about Middle School Magnet Applications.  Please notify me and your child's 5th grader teachers if you are interested in them applying.


October 5 2016: As Fall approaches and temperatures begin to decrease, please be sure to help your child dress weather appropriate.  When possible, we will always encourage children to enjoy some fresh air and get outside during Recess.  Plus the transitions for arrival and dismissal can definitely be more comfortable given appropriate wardrobe. 


 September 21 2016: Middle School Choice/Magnet information is coming!  Please complete the application if you/your child is interested in applying and they are a current 5th grader.  Look for more information to come and feel free to check the website.  Check out parent information nights as scheduled, check out the FAQ too.  You might also be interested in the Choice programs.


 September 15 2016:  Tonight is Back to School Night for all grades!  Please be sure to stop by the computer lab if you need assistance completing the volunteer Child Protective Services Training online.


 September 12 2016: Fall weather is upon us.  Please let me know if you need warmer clothing as the temperatures slowly begin to decrease.


  September 8 2016:

Thank you Sandy Spring Lions club for the continued generosity!  Check out the little blurb about their kindness!


 September 7 2016:

Our Student Ambassadors for Grades 1-5 have been selected for the year.  Look for a note to come home with your child this week.  We will have a grade wide training during selected students lunches on Friday of next week. Congrats to those students who were selected.  

September 5 2016:

September is National Suicide Prevention month.  Unfortunately Suicide is a very real concern in today's society.  Suicide crosses all boundaries; race, gender, age, education level, etc.  As our students (and their families) experience an increased battery of challenges, mental health concerns continue to be on the rise.  And, the supports we have, just aren't enough.  Check out this recent NPR broadcast -  Psychologist, counselors, nurses, teachers, families, community centers, we all must work together to support our children through difficult hurdles.

August 30 2016:

Tomorrow is our Blue and Gold Assembly!  The first of the year!  I look forward to seeing many smiling faces to review some school expectations and celebrate the start of the school year!  If you are interested in visiting the school or volunteering please complete the volunteer presentation MCPS mandated for ALL volunteers or visitors in regards to Child Protective Services (CPS).


August 27 2016:

Open House was a fantastic opportunity to see so many smiling faces of returning and new students, staff, and family members!  We look forward to seeing you for the first day of the school year on Monday.  Please be sure to check out the updates I've continued to make to my website - i.e. adding info about the Counseling Intern, Mr. Ram, new student self referral sheets, a link to the volunteer required training about CPS.


 August 22nd 2016: 

I am looking forward to a positive start and welcoming some staff, students and other stakeholders!  

 Mr. Bond (AP) will be joining us this year and Mr. Ram will be working with me as a Professional School Counseling intern.  We also have a few other changes to grade level classroom teacher positions, a new Reading Specialist and some new para-educators.  Keep an eye out, introduce yourself and welcome our new Sherwood Sharks!

August 20th 2016:
 Unfortunately grief and loss is part of our lives.  As adults we sometimes grieve differently than children.  Check out Hospice Caring for seminars and other resources to learn more.