The Counselor's Corner-

 Hello Family,

     My name is Wendy Morris-Jackson.   This is my eighteenth year as a school counselor with MCPS.   Fifteen of my eighteen years, I have worked in elementary school.   I am married and have one beautiful step-daughter and one awesome son.   My son recently graduated from the Univ. of M.D. and my daughter is a sophomore in college.   When I was younger my favorite singers were the Jackson Five!   I enjoy hiking, travel, music, acting and just having fun with my friends and family.   I look forward to meeting you and your family.  Feel free to stop by any time.   


 Wendy L. Morris-Jackson


 Mission Statement

The Sequoyah Elementary School Counseling Program's mission is to support the educational, personal, social, and career development of all students. I help Sequoyah students develop the skills and confidence to become effective learners through a guidance program that maintains high expectations and ensures collaboration with other educators, families, and community members. Within a supportive, safe, and caring environment, I encourage children to define and achieve their goals, creatively solve problems and become thriving members of our community. This comprehensive counseling approach helps identify specific challenges our students face and strives to reduce any barriers to learning. 




School Counseling Philosophy and Beliefs 

  As a professional school counselor serving Sequoyah Elementary School, I believe: 

  •  All students can be successful.
  •  All students' dignity and culture, including race, ethnicity, gender, abilities, disabilities, religion, home language, socio-economic status, and sexual orientation, should be respected and valued.
  •  School counseling is an essential and integral part of the overall education process.
  •  All students will have access to a comprehensive, developmental school counseling program run by a masters level, state certified professional school counselor.
  •  The school counseling program has a goal of being collaborative, proactive, and responsive--for all students.  

  •  Meet together with parents and the classroom teacher to discuss concerns about their child, particularly related to social, behavioral, and emotional issues.
  •  Provide parents with resources in the community to meet long-term counseling needs for their child and their family.
  •  Refer parents to resources in the community to support family needs.
  •  Work with parents and teachers to develop a behavioral plan for a child who is experiencing behavior difficulties in school.
  •  Meet with a child who was referred to the counselor by themselves, their parents, their teacher, or an administrator.
  •  Help children express and deal with feelings of grief regarding the death of a family member, friend, or pet.
  •  Provide a safe, confidential environment for children to talk about a separation or divorce in their family.
  •  Help children resolve conflicts with peers.
  •  Include children in small group lesson on a variety of topics.
  •  Teach guidance lessons in the classroom on a variety of topics.


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