High School Plus

Mr. Ivan Aranha, administrator


High School Plus is for students who have failed at least one course and may NOT graduate when expected. High School Plus extended day program allows students who have failed courses required for graduation to retake these courses for credit at Seneca Valley after school.  All high schools participate in this program.

The SVHS administration has the flexibility to determine the program to best meet the needs of the SVHS student body.

The goal of the SVHS High School Plus extended day program is to:

  • Ensure that students pass courses required for graduation.
  • Ensure that students pass the Maryland High School Assessments

Students most in need of High School Plus are identified through marking period and/or end-of-course grades, other test data such as HSA scores, and input from guidance counselors.

Students who would benefit from this program are encouraged to take advantage of this convenient way to earn credit.  It’s FREE!  Interested students should contact their guidance counselors for more information about this program.


Since the High School Plus extended day program has been developed and implemented as an extension of the regular high school program, the expectation is that all Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) policies, procedures, and regulations will be carried out in the extended day program as they are in the SVHS day school.   All SVHS expectations apply to the extended day program. Students with special needs will be able to access their accommodations through a special educator.

Although the HS Plus program is free, lab fees may be associated with some classes. If a student is enrolled in Algebra, there is a mandatory rental fee if the student does not have the appropriate calculator.

Failure to attend the sessions or to earn a passing grade will result in:

  • withdrawal from the course
  • the need to enroll in summer school and pay the enrollment fee

Grading & Reporting

Teachers will use Pinnacle/Edline to record full semester, extended-day course grades. Student grades will appear as an eighth period course on interim reports and report cards.


It is imperative that students comply with the attendance policy as well as the course expectations so that they can achieve success.

Students are required to attend every session of High School Plus. On the occasion that a student must miss a class, the following policies will apply.

Lawful absences for High School Plus for are as follows:

  • Death in the immediate family
  • Personal illness
  • Court summons
  • Religious holiday
  • State emergency
  • Hazardous weather conditions
  • Permission from the principal

If a student misses school for one of the reasons stated above, the student must bring a note to the Attendance Secretary, from a parent or guardian within THREE school days after returning to school. Otherwise, the absence will be considered unlawful.  Those students who are 18 or married may apply for age of majority and, once received through their grade level administrator, may write their own notes.

An absence that is not excused, according to the above conditions, is an unlawful absence.  If students miss a day of school and are not excused, they will have an unlawful absence in each class they miss, including HS Plus if the absence is on a scheduled day of HS Plus. 

Academic Eligibility

Academic eligibility is not affected as a result of participation in the SVHS High School Plus extended day program. All High School Plus courses will be excluded from grade point average calculations. As a result, these classes will not affect student eligibility.

Days of Instruction

For the school year 2013-2014, HS Plus is taught Monday through Thursday, 2:30 - 3:30pm.  There is a study hall in the cafeteria 3:30-4:00pm.  Buses arrive 4:10 pm.

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