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College: A Door to the Future

One of the services of the College & Career Center is to help students search schools which may be a good match for them in terms of majors, size, location, services, extracurriculars and finances. Some services we offer include:

  • Conferences with students and/or parents
  • College and financial aid computer searches
  • College representative visits to Seneca Valley HS
  • Information about college fairs
  • NCAA information
  • Financial aid workshop in December at Seneca Valley
  • College reference publications, videos and viewbooks
  • College & Career Center notices via Family Connection emails

Family Connection

Naviance/Family Connection allows students to do college searches, compare institutions, make contact with colleges in which they are interested, and view scattergram data showing acceptance statistics of previous graduating classes of their own high school. Students can also build a resume, summarize post-secondary goals, and keep track of their college and scholarship applications. Students use Family Connection to request and track transcripts and recommendations. Students can obtain their individual registration codes in the College & Career Center.

Parents' Guide to Naviance/Family Connection

National College Fair

The Annual NACAC Montgomery County National College Fair is held locally during April. Admission is free. Over 300 colleges and trade schools are represented. All Juniors are given the opportunity to attend during the school day and school bus transportation is provided for a nominal fee. Parents are encouraged to attend the evening sessions with their children.

College Representatives Visiting SVHS

College representatives visit Seneca Valley during the school year to provide information about their colleges and programs.

Students who want to come to the College and Career Center to meet a college admissions representative MUST sign up via Family Connection A WEEK IN ADVANCE, print their pass from the Family Connection confirmation page, and have their pass signed by the teacher whose class they will miss. 

Before signing up to attend a college rep visit, ask yourself these questions...Does the school have the major in which I am interested?  Can I afford to miss class that day to attend?  How many visits have I already attended this week?   

  1. Sign in to your Family Connection account.
  2. Go the Colleges tab and click either “College Visits” or “Upcoming College Visits.”
  3. Select the college visit you want to attend.
  4. Click “Sign Up” and proceed to the next page.
  5. On the next page, click “Sign Up.”
  6. When you see the green confirmation message, you know you have signed up correctly.
  7. Print the page, which you will need to have your teacher sign at least one week prior, and use it as your pass.
  8. Remind your teacher the day of the visit so that you can get the work you will miss.
  9. Please be on time.  Mrs. Maloney cannot send passes if you forget to attend. 

Montgomery College

Admissions Webpage - All the information you need about preparing for college and what MC has to offer.  Also includes dates for information sessions and tours and a link to a blog.

Montgomery College Scholars Honors Program - Information about open houses, special events, registration, class schedule and catalog. This is an academically rigorous program designed for transfer at the end of the college sophomore year to a four-year college. Students in the program enjoy a unique opportunity for research, study and travel abroad. Students who are selected for this highly competitive program will enjoy small classes, seminars with visiting professors, internships at the Smithsonian and a four-week trip to England to study at Cambridge University and tour England! A GPA of 3.0 or above and high SAT/ACT scores are needed to qualify. There is a special application that is due at the end of January. There are information sessions at the college for students and their parents. This is a chance to get your questions answered by the admissions staff and faculty at MC. Don't pass up this opportunity - keep your options open!

Assessment and Placement for Montgomery College

Accuplacer Test for Montgomery College

LOEP Test for Montgomery College

Links to Internet Resources

College Search

Online Colleges

Campus Tours

Prepare/Select/Apply/Pay for College




College Search Software

The College & Career Center has software for college searches, both two and four year, or vocational and technical school searches.

The Bridges/Choices Program allows students to investigate college and career choices from a data base of over 6,000 two- and four- year colleges and the most recent statistics fromThe Occupational Outlook Handbook.  Students can develop a portfolio of colleges and university selections based on possible career interests and investigation.

The Choices Explorer component has extensive libraries of education, career and recreation articles in an interactive magazine-style format.   The Choices Planner component is an online career information system that helps students build plans as they compare, connect and choose from a vast network of work and education options. See Mrs. Maloney for access information to

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What Do These Terms Mean?

Early Decision - This is the early admission program offered by many colleges whereby students must commit in advance to attend a certain college if they are admitted under this program. Students should know for sure that this is the one school they want to attend and feel that they meet the stringent requirements for application. It is a binding commitment.

Early Action - This is another early admission program offered by colleges where students must meet the same early application deadlines. However, upon notification of acceptance, students can wait until they have heard from all their schools about acceptance and financial aid before making a commitment.

Regular Admission - This requires students to apply by a set deadline which varies by college.

Rolling Admissions - This means there is no set deadline, but the earlier you apply, the better your chances of getting accepted, especially if your qualifications are borderline.

Priority Deadline - This is a set deadline for applications whereby students who are accepted are given PRIORITY consideration for admission, housing, scholarships, and other aid.

Common Application - This allows students to fill out one standard application and submit it to many schools. It is available online.

Academic Common Market - This program is intended to allow degree-seeking MARYLAND residents to enroll at certain out-of-state institutions in undergraduate programs of study not offered at a MD public college/university and to pay in-state tuition. This is a cooperative tuition-reduction agreement among 14 Southern Regional Education Board states, of which Maryland is one.  If PUBLIC institutions in your home state do not offer degree programs in your field of study, it may be possible to arrange a waiver of out-of-state tuition to attend a cooperating PUBLIC institution in another participating state. These programs may change yearly. For more Information call 1-800-974-0203 or click here.

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College Sports and the NCAA

So you want to play sports in college…Great!  Are you a QUALIFIER?  Do you have the required grade point average or SAT/ACT scores?  Have you taken the right "CORE" courses to qualify for Division I, II or III? What is the difference in these divisions? Can you qualify for a scholarship, a grant? When can you LEGALLY talk to the coach?

If you need help in answering these questions and learning about all the regulations, You need to pick up a copy of the NCAA Guide for the college-bound student-athlete in the College & Career Center. This is especially important for JUNIORS and SENIORS.  Be sure to check out the NCAA Eligibility Center and the Quick Reference.  For additional information, visit or call 877-262-1492 or 317-917-6222. 

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