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 SVHS's online program for post-secondary planning 

  1. Sign up for an email account
    • You will need an Internet email account to use Family Connection.  If you don’t have an email account, you can still use this, but it is not as efficient.  You will not receive vital information by email without an email account.
    • The internet address for students/parents is:
  2. Register for Family Connection
    • You will need a personal registration code to create your Family Connection account.  Get this from MRS. MALONEY in the COLLEGE & CAREER CENTER. Once you have your internet email address and registration code, go to the website address above and login.
    • Type your registration code in the NEW USER text box, click REGISTER, and then follow the on-screen instructions. Record your user name and password in a key location to reference at a later date.  Put this where you won’t lose it.
  3. Complete the Waiver
    • Under “colleges” and “colleges I’m applying to” check the box to waive your right to access recommendations. Colleges require this waiver to consider your recommendations.
  4. Review Options
    • Family Connection offers many features that will help you make career and college plans. You will see the options available to you in a column on the left side of the screen.   You should review these areas:
      • My Resume
      • My Game Plan
      • My Personality Type
      • My Colleges
      • My Scholarships           
  5. Research Colleges
    • Use College Search and compare stats with former students from your high school who applied to schools you want to go to. You can use Family Connection to make a list of colleges you are considering, scholarships you are applying for or receive, and your resume’. Be sure to enter college applications and scholarship applications. Your College & Career Information Coordinator, Mrs. Maloney, and the registrar have access to assist and update this information as you submit your applications.
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