Science Department


As part of the Montgomery County science program, the Seneca Valley High School Science Department is among several across the nation leading the way in improved science instruction for all children. Our program addresses what children should know and be able to do in science, preparing them for further scientific study, as well as for their role as young citizens, in a world where science literacy is a basic need.


Clubs and Activities

  • The Science National Honor Society
  • The Science Club
  • The Science Bowl (competition)
  • The Green Schools Club
  • The Student Academy of Science



  • Enhance science education and scientific literacy.
  • Provide state-of-the-art resources to SVHS faculty for teaching and curriculum development.
  • Provide countywide access to the program through SVHS.
  • Enchance, improve, and build upon the Adopt-a-School Program between SVHS and the DOE Office of Science.

E-Science Connect

E-Science Connect is a part of the Adopt-a-School Program between the Department of Energy’s Office of Science and Seneca Valley High School. It is an electronic web-based resource link between science students at SVHS and multidisciplinary scientists at DOE.

This partnership provides students with direct electronic access to a voluntary cadre of scientists via the web site connection as well as links to a multitude of resources and web sites to assist SVHS students' search of scientific information for projects and learning activities. A video conference link has also been developed. Teachers of science and other disciplines are able to tie into resources to assist in the development of lessons and special projects.


Science Societies

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