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Physical Education News 2016-17

Our Program

We have designed a comprehensive program including fitness, personal development and a wide variety of sport activities that will hopefully meet every student’s needs and interests. Our program develops students’ appreciation of the importance of fitness and life long activity. Through these activities we hope to promote appropriate social and emotional behaviors, sensitivity for individual differences and develop a positive self-concept.

Fitness activities are emphasized throughout the semester. Our units include:

Street Hockey
Weight Training
Table Tennis

The ultimate goal is for all students to realize the health benefits and enjoyment of a regular lifetime activity program. We hope that success at Seneca Valley will be a stepping stone to sound, lifelong exercise habits.

Graduation Requirements

As physical educators, we would like every student at Seneca Valley to elect physical education every year for their own personal development and enjoyment, but we understand that scheduling conflicts and personal interests don’t always allow this to occur. The MCPS graduation requirement for all students is TWO SEMESTERS of PHYSICAL EDUCATION in GRADES 9-12 FOR ONE CREDIT. Students with special needs are accommodated in the program and are not excused from the requirement.

MD State Dept of Education Physical Education Standards

  1. SKILLFULNESS: Students will demonstrate the ability to enhance their performance of a variety of physical skill by developing fundamental movement skills, creating skill combinations, combining skill effectively in skill themes and applying skills.
  2. BIOMECHANICAL PRINCIPLES: Students will demonstrate an ability to use the principles of biomechanics to generate and control force to improve their movement effectiveness and safety./
  3. MOTOR LEARNING PRINCIPLES: Students will demonstrate the ability to use motor skill principles to learn and develop proficiency through frequent practice opportunities in which skills are repeatedly performed correctly in a variety of situations./
  4. EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY: Students will demonstrate the ability to use scientific principles to design and participate regularly, in a moderate to vigorous physical activity program that contributes to personal health and enhances cognitive and physical performance on a variety of academic, recreational and life tasks.
  5. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Students will demonstrate the ability to use the principles of exercise physiology, social psychology, and biomechanics to design and adhere to a regular, personalized, purposeful program of physical activity consistent with their health performance and fitness goals in order to gain health and cognitive/academic benefits.
  6. SOCIAL-PSYCHOLOGICAL PRINCIPLES: Students will demonstrate the ability to use skills essential for developing self-efficacy, fostering a sense of community and working effectively with others in physical activity settings.

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Phsyical Education Courses for Grades 9-12

  1. Basic Principles of Physical Education I (Recommended for Semester 1, Grade 9)  
  2. Basic Principles of Physical Education II (Recommended for Semester 2, Grade 9)  
  3. Advanced Applications of Physical Education (Formerly known as Specialty Physical Education)  
    • Tactical Games
    • Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Weight Training
    • Personal Conditioning
    • Dance
    • Body Toning
    • Basketball
    • Soccer
    • Volleyball
    • Lifetime Sports (Tennis, Golf, Badminton, Table Tennis)
    • Stix (Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Street Hockey)

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Grading Policy

Mastery objectives are designed and posted for each unit. Student evaluation will be based on the degree of attainment of these objectives. The grading categories are:

       Movement Concepts 40%
       Fitness 30%
       PSR 20%
       Homework 10%

MOVEMENT CONCEPTS includes the daily practice of skill assessment. Students will be introduced to a skill, have a chance to practice the skill, and then are assessed on the skills throughout the following classes in drill situations and game situations. They may be formally tested on a skill and may re-take that test. Students will also be assessed on utilizing the offensive and defensive concepts and strategies involved in various games as well as on the ball and off the ball movements. They will be assessed on fundamental movement skills and skill combinations. This category also includes any quizzes/tests/final exam that is given on the rules or strategy of a game or the application of rules or strategies during game play. See the game rubrics sheet.

FITNESS includes the warm-up activity at the beginning of each class or any fitness component activity during the class, including game play. Students are expected to utilize the FITT guidelines and the principles of overload, progression and specificity in developing their own personal fitness plan. This category also includes completion of fitness tests, graded written fitness activities and quizzes.

PSR is the personal and social responsibility component of the grade. It will demonstrate the students’ willingness to work with others of diverse ability levels in a physical activity. Students will identify their own abilities and limitations, practice to improve their skill level, find success in challenging activities and acknowledge when they have not yet mastered an activity. They will understand that skill competence is developed through persistent effort, goal-setting and the application of knowledge. Students will understand and practice classroom safety rules and procedures including wearing clothing appropriate for physical activity. They will devise and evaluate strategies on self-control and conflict resolution in a variety of activities and situations.

HOMEWORK that is assigned is usually fitness-based. This information that students glean from these assignments is an investment in their future health. It is some of the most important information included in the curriculum.

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Policies and Procedures

Physical Education is an activity based class designed to develop and maintain healthful habits that lead to increasing or maintaining an optimal level of fitness. Research indicates that proper diet and a regular program of vigorous exercise are required to reach this objective. Due to the nature of this class, the following requirements apply to all physical education students.

  1. APPROPRIATE CLOTHING: Students are required to prepare for vigorous class activity by changing from their school clothes into active wear of ANY color. No specific colors are required. Clothes must be of the type that can get sweaty or muddy. Appropriate clothing for cold weather activities include sweat pants and sweat shirt of any color. School clothes and jeans may NOT be worn under the sweat clothing. Sneakers/tennis shoes with laces are strongly recommended for safety during activity. Boots, sandals and dress shoes are not considered safe and are NOT allowed on the gym floor. Students not dressed appropriately may not participate and should expect an alternate activity that may involve a literacy assignment.
  2. LOCKER ROOM: Students must report to the locker room on time. Students in the hall when the late bell rings will be marked tardy to class. Students are to dress for class in the locker room and report to the assigned area within 5 minutes of the tardy bell. For security, the locker rooms will be locked during the time that the students are in class. Students need to leave the locker room within five minutes to ensure security. Students are only allowed in the locker room during their P.E. period.
  3. LOCKS: Students are no longer required to purchase a lock from Seneca Valley High School. Students are still responsible for securing any items they choose to leave in the locker room. Therefore, we strongly recommended that students bring in a lock to secure their belongings for class time and overnight storage. Locks will be available for students who don’t elect to provide their own. We will have a limited number of locks to sign out for the semester, but they must be returned on the last day of instruction. Seneca Valley High School is not responsible for any lost or stolen items stored in the locker rooms. Students may choose to carry their P.E. clothes with them AFTER each class.
  4. SECURITY: Locks and lockers are not guaranteed security for valuables. Each year, despite our security efforts, items are taken from lockers. This is usually the result of the student not having a lock, not locking the locker, or turning his/her back on valuables inside the locker or on the bench. Good jewelry, cash, calculators, phones, I-Pods and other expensive items should be left at home or in a more secure hallway locker. Students should always double check the lock before leaving the locker room. DO NOT SHARE A LOCKER OR GIVE OUT YOUR COMBINATION TO YOUR FRIENDS. Locks will be available through the PE department for $5.00 while supplies last.
  5. BACKPACKS: Filled backpacks do not fit into the lockers. Do not attempt to close long locker doors with a filled backpack – they will jam shut and cannot be easily opened. Students will be instructed on how to break down their backpacks to fit them securely into a long locker. Backpacks and other valuables must remain in the locker room; they are not allowed in the gym for safety purposes.
  6. CLOTHING STORAGE: At the end of each class, PE clothing is to be transferred back to the small locker and locked. Other students use the long lockers each period. ANY LOCK LEFT ON A LONG LOCKER OVERNIGHT WILL BE REMOVED.
  7. ATTENDANCE: Students are expected to report to their teacher at the beginning of class and are to remain with that teacher throughout the period. Any student participating with the wrong class will be marked unexcused absent for the day. PE teachers will not give passes to leave class. STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO USE THE RESTROOMS IN THE LOCKER ROOMS BEFORE CLASS STARTS OR AT THE END OF CLASS. Once class starts, students are expected to stay involved in the activity.
  8. EXCUSED ABSENCES: Students may be excused from activity with a parent note for four days. A note by a doctor is required for periods of five days or more. Students and parents should contact the teacher to design a program to accommodate any special needs and to reduce the amount of lost class time. Injured students are expected to participate at a level relative to the injury. Students, who are not prepared to perform, are medically excused, excused or unexcused absent and who miss assessments, must make them up at the earliest convenient date.
  9. DISMISSAL: After dressing at the end of class, students must wait for the dismissal bell in the locker room. BOYS MAY NOT LEAVE THROUGH THE BACK DOOR OF THE LOCKER ROOM UNTIL THE BELL HAS RUNG.
  10. FOOD/DRINK: We take pride in keeping our PE area (gyms, locker rooms, weight room, and halls) as clean as we can. We hope that you will too. Please place trash in the cans, not on the floors or in a locker. Any spilled drink should be reported immediately. NO FOOD OR DRINK (OPENED OR UNOPENED) IS ALLOWED IN THE GYM OR WEIGHT ROOM. No food is to be consumed in the locker rooms.

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Health Concerns

  1. Report all injuries and illnesses to your teacher when they occur. Your teacher will assist you and secure the appropriate first aid and medical assistance when required.
  2. Do not walk out of class and go to the health room without a pass from your teacher; they will not admit you into the health room without a pass.
  3. Please assist by informing your teacher of an accident or illness and helping the injured person remain calm.


  1. Change out of your school clothes, into your workout clothes and achieve the class objectives everyday. You are responsible for having the warm clothes for the winter. Be prepared for what you consider to be cold or hot temperatures. Hats are allowed outside, but must come off inside. No skull caps, bandanas, ski caps or headphones allowed in the gyms, locker rooms or hallways.
  2. Good sportsmanship, good citizenship, honesty, appropriate school behavior, proper use of language and expression are expected of all students.
  3. Jewelry can become a safety hazard to you and your classmates and is frequently lost or damaged. Remove and store all jewelry prior to class participation.
  4. Exercise caution when wearing prescription glasses or contacts. Safety glasses are recommended.
  5. Students are to remain off the bleachers and other equipment until directed by their teacher.

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Contact Us

Please feel free to call or e-mail to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have. If we are unavailable when you call, please leave a message on our answering machine so that we can return your call as soon as possible.

Boys Office: 301-353-8026
Girls Office 301-353-8025

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