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Fax: 301-517-8155 
Resource Counselor: Ms. Alejandra Crawley 


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2017-2018 Counseling Information and Calendar

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Students interested in help with College Applications, SATs/ACTs and Scholarships should make an appointment with Ms. Harris. She will be available from 6am to 1pm (each appointment will run approximately 45minutes to 1 hour). She can be reached at 301-517-8297.


As professional educators, Rockville High School counselors strive to support the academic success, social growth, and emotional wellness of all students.


The counseling staff at Rockville High School fosters academic achievement, social development, emotional health, and career development of all students. We build strong working partnerships with students, staff, parents, and the community to support student learning and success.


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Counselor Caseload Breakdown

Ms. Danielle Krimm A-Cm
Mr. Andrew Lambert  Cn-G
Ms. Wendy Kiang-Spray  H-Ma
Mr. James Rowan  Mb-Rai
Ms. Shanel Ramos-Jones  Raj-Vc
Ms. Alejandra Crawley Vd-Z
 Ms. Lekishia Stewart  ESOL


Other Team Members 

Ms. Paula Arata  Counseling Secretary
Ms. Toni Waterton  Registrar
Ms. Janet Harris  College and Career Information Coordinator (CCIC)
Ms. Andrea Carter  Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW)
Dr. Julie Shields School Psychologist
 Ms. Jeanette Rojas  ACES Coach 
Ms. Melissa Laureano  Parent Community Coordinator (PCC) 

Admin Caseload Breakdown

Ms. Monica Abuliak A-Gh
Ms. Elizabeth Sandall  Gi-Ou
Mr. John Haas  Ov-Z


Enrollment Documents

Documents Required for Enrollment

Authorization to Release Records

Immunization Certificate

New Student Information

Student Emergency Information

Career Center

  • College/Career Center News -- Information about scholarships, testing, college fairs, job opportunities and much more. Published monthly by the Career Center.

ACES - Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success

A collaborative program between MCPS, MC and Universities at Shady Grove that seeks to create a seemless pathway from high school to college completion.

 Contact: Jeanette Rojas

College Application and Transcript Request Process

Transcript Requests for Graduates

  • Transcripts 5 years and older:
    • Please contact our Central Records Department 301-320-7301 (phone) 301-249-7305 (fax).
  • Transcripts less than 5 years:
    • In order for us to send a transcript for you, you will need to (for each transcript),
      1. send us a self-addressed & stamped  envelope.
      2. send a $3 money order or check made out to Rockville High School. 
    • Transcripts are sent directly to the schools.  Our address is Rockville High School, 2100 Baltimore Road, Rockville, MD 20851.
    • Call Registrar for more information 301-517-8154 (phone) 301-8155 (fax).
  • Graduate can also come in person with ID and money. 

Student Service Learning

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