Summer Packet Information

As you get settled into the summer, we want to make sure that you have the links to summer assignment packets for your student. 

The English assignments can be found here: 

***Please note, 9th grade Honors English students can pick up their packet in the Main Office or in the Counseling Office.***

Other Academic Subject Packets can be found here: 

Math Packets with links to each course’s packet (although some are combo packets) can be found here:


Some Answers to Frequently Asked Questions and General Comments about the math packets:


It is best to start summer packets in July or August as the goal is to “restart” the math learning from last year so it is fresh in your mind than the end of the last school year.

While the packets are due on the first day of school, the points for completion go into the homework category (10%) and end up being a very small part of the quarter grade.

Some courses will have an assessment on the material covered in the homework packet at the end of the first week of school BUT IF THERE IS AN ASSESSMENT, there will be multiple days during the first week of school where class time will be dedicated to students getting help from the teacher and working in groups on the problems from the packet.

If a student shows up without their packet, the WORST possible grade outcome is a loss of a few homework points.

However, since the intent of the packet is to HELP, REFRESH, REMIND, GET READY and the packets were written to HELP, specifically with material that we know students struggle with during the year, any work the student does with the packet either during the summer or even the first week of school WILL be a benefit – promise!!!

The Algebra 2 (regular, honors, and magnet AAF) packet has links to videos with teachers working out every problem in the packet.

Again - the intent of the packet is to HELP, REFRESH, REMIND, GET READY.  It is NOT a punishment.  Neither the grade on the packet completion or any assessment on the packet ends up being more than 5% to 7% of a quarter grade and is usually less. (Magnet is usually the 7%)

If you are a newly enrolled student and you did not have time to work on the packet, DON’T PANIC – everything will be ALL RIGHT


To contact the Department Chair about your student’s packet(s), see below:

English – Leah Wilson –

Math – Laura Goetz -

Science – Scott Durbin –

Social Studies - Todd Stillman -

World Languages – Maria Solernou -


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