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Welcome to Richard Montgomery High School!

Richard Montgomery High School provides a varied and rigorous educational experience for our students. In order to compete in a global society, we empower our students to become independent learners, critical thinkers, and culturally competent citizens.


I look forward to working with you, your child, and the community to support our goals.



Mr. Damon Monteleone, Principal

Instructional Supervision           

Administrative Management      

Administrative Team

Media Services

School Business Administrator

Staff Development Teacher 




Field Trips

Instructional Leadership Team  

MCEA/SEIU Association Relations

Parents and Community Relations

Professional Development

Professional, ECA, SSE Payroll


School Improvement Plan

Staff Meetings


J. Garrick
Mr. Jonathan Garrick, Assistant Principal  

Instructional Supervision  

Administrative Management  



ITSS (IT Systems Specialist)


Grade 11

Grade 9 (Last name A-G)


Back to School Night

Bell Schedule 

Grade Level Attendance, Discipline, IEP's, Grades, Attendance Intervention

Grade 11 Parent Meetings

Grading and Reporting, Loss of Credit Process and Reporting

Master Scheduler

Opening and Closing of School/ID Pictures to server


Other duties as assigned by the principal


Mark Brown

Mr. Mark Brown, Jr., Assistant Principal

Supervision and Evaluation  

Administrative Management  

Social Studies

Special Education (ED Cluster & LAD) 




Grade 12 (Class of 2018)

Grade 9 (Last name H-O)

Grade Level Attendance, Discipline, IEP's, Grades, Attendance Intervention

Emergency Preparedness



Rising 9th Grade Parent Meeting

Security and Hall Sweeps

Senior Events & Activities

Senior Parent Meeting

Senior Target Group Coordinator

Student Government Association Activities (SGA)

Testing: PARCC/M.H.S.A/Bridge

Other duties as assigned by the principal

Ms. Veena Roberson, Assistant School Administrator  

Instructional Supervision 

Administrative Management  



Electives (Fine Arts/ Physical Education) 

Grade 10

Grade 9 (Last name P-Z)

ESOL & Hispanic Community Outreach

Grade 10 Parent Meeting (Presentation)

Grade Level Attendance, Discipline, IEP's, Grades, Attendance Intervention

IB MYP Projects

International Night & Common Ground

Minority Scholars

Parent Visitation Day

Rocket Teaching Assistant Program (RTA)

Student IDs

Student and Staff Handbooks

Testing: Access for ELLs, WIDA, AP & IB Exams Back-Up

Translation Coordinator


Other duties as assigned by the principal 


Mr. Joseph Jelen, Magnet Coordinator  

Instructional Supervision  

Administrative Management  

IB MYP & IB DP Coordinators


Magnet 9 Biology and Magnet 10 Chemistry

Honors NSL and AP Government

Honors English 10

Honors Pre-Calculus and Magnet Pre-Calculus


Magnet Students (9-12) & IB DP Students (9-12)

Electives Fair

E.O.L Data Monitoring Systems & Preparation

Grade Level Attendance, Discipline, IEP's, Grades, Attendance Intervention

Honor Roll and Straight A certificates

In-house Summer Programs

Magnet Applications/Appeal process

Magnet Parent Events

School Tours and presentations

Student Recognition, Awards Ceremony, and Scholars Dinners

Testing: IB & AP exams, County Magnet Selection

Transportation (IB, Activity Bus, Regular)

Visiting Students (shadowing)

Other duties as assigned by the principal 

Ozmara Hernandez, School Business Administrator  

Administrative Management

School Financial Specialist 

Building Services Manager   

Building Services Night Manager 

Building Service Personnel  

Plant Equipment Operator 

Cafeteria Manager 

Cafeteria Personnel    

Master Calendar

Supporting Services Payroll



Administrative Office

Administrative Assistant to the Principal:

Ms. Laura Hermansdorfer

Main Office Secretaries:

Mrs. Mary Ayala

Mrs. Cathy Stec

Mrs. Susan Aubertin

Mrs. Deanne Weiler

Attendance Secretary:

Ms. Claire Wall
Magnet Office Secretary:

Mrs. Cindy Montgomery

Mrs. Cheryl Day

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