No Name Calling Week Activities 2018 : January 16th to 19th

We will be recognizing National No Name Calling Week at Rock Creek Valley!

“GLSEN’s No Name-Calling Week, January 15-19, 2018, is a week organized by K-12 educators and

students to end name-calling and bullying in schools.”



Tuesday January 16th 2018

“United We Stand!”


*Wear Red White and Blue to show you are united for kindness!

*Classes will take a survey about kindness and what name calling does! These will be shared over





Wednesday January 17th 2018

“Give name calling the “Slip” day! 


*Wear slippers to show support for no name calling!

*Students are asked to write and share an answer to the question, “What can you do to be kind?” or

“How would you stop bullying?”

There will be a box in the atrium to submit responses and they will be shared on announcements. 




Thursday January 18th 2018 

“Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes!”

*Wear mismatched socks and shoes to think about how people can be different from each other and

that’s OK!

*Classes are invited to view and discuss the videos below:


3 to 5 :

At LUNCH the conversation starter will be discussed “What are some nice things people have told you lately?”




Friday January 19th 2018

“Be Bold- Be YOU!”

*Wear different types of clothes to be DIFFERENT and Be YOU! For example, a skit and

sweatpants- mismatched clothes!

*Add to our kindness mural in the atrium with a brick and a sentence

“I am proud to be ________” (I.E. me, El Salvadorian, smart, funny etc.)


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