The Rock Creek Valley Light Bulb Lab is an exciting place for students to think and create!  Below you will find a list of items that we would love to collect for our students as they tap into their creativity.  Thank yo so much for your support of the RCV Light Bulb Lab!


Light Bulb Lab Donations 2017-2018


Box lids from copy paper or gift boxes

Baby wipes so students can clean gluey fingers

Marbles of varying sizes

Duck tape (colored and/or patterned)



Large soda bottles

Fabric scraps


Colored string

Googly eyes

Colored craft sticks

Small boxes


Plastic milk cartons (rinsed out J)

Shoe boxes

Puzzle pieces

Pool noodles

Masking tape dispensers


Paper (colored, patterned, index cards, etc.)

Cereal-type boxes

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