I wanted to make you aware of a change we are making to our school schedule due to the weather related closings, delays and early dismissals. We are changing Monday, January 22nd into an EVEN day. It would have been an ODD day.

The two weather related closings and early dismissal all occurred on EVEN days. In addition, the last day of the marking period, Thursday, January 25th is an Early Dismissal and an EVEN day. There are a number of county generated assessments that need to take place as we come to the end of the marking period. This will provide students in EVEN day classes with the appropriate amount of time to complete delayed or missed tasks.

We do not normally change our schedule in this manner; however, due to the fact that the closings and early dismissals all have occurred on one particular day, EVEN Days, and the proximity to the end of the marking period/semester, we felt it would be prudent to make this change.

We shared this change with the students today. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility.

Thank you,

Chris Nardi


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