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   - Pyle contact: Bill Falatko, William_J_Falatko@mcpsmd.org 

   - To see an informational video overview click here
   - To see a PDF of directions for activating click here 

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Edline is Pyle’s online assignment and grade reporting system.  Teachers enter assignments for their classes so that students and parents may check on class requirements.  This is especially useful if students are absent from a class, or if they are not clear on an assignment.


Edline is also connected to the MCPS electronic grading report system.  As students complete assignments, quizzes and tests, teachers enter the grades into the reporting system, and the grades are posted on Edline.  Teachers should update their gradebooks every two weeks. However, many teachers enter grades more frequently.


Edline also provides an email link between parents and students.  Teachers may use Edline to communicate with parents through email, and each class listing includes the teacher’s email address.


Students activate their Edline accounts at school, and can check their progress on a regular basis.  Parents can also activate an Edline account so they can view their student’s progress.  Parents may choose to receive an email notice when new information and updates have been posted to Edline.


To Use Edline:


At the beginning of the year, students and parents that are new to Pyle will receive an activation code so that they may set up their Edline access.  Students will receive their activation code and activate their account in school. Parents should receive an activation code in the mail from the Central Office. If you need an activation code for a Pyle student or parent, contact Bill Falatko at William_J_Falatko@mcpsmd.org.  Students and parents that previously activated an Edline account will continue to use the same account, with the same screen name and password.


Pyle students who take a course at Whitman (and their parents) need an Edline account from Whitman to access their class information. Pyle staff will facilitate this at the start of the school year, but if you need help after this, please contact Whitman at WhitmanEdline@yahoo.com . The Whitman account may be combined with the Pyle account to use only one log-in. This must be completed during the activation process by clicking on combine account.


Click here for detailed instructions to set up your Edline account.  You will choose a screen name and password to ensure privacy. Parents with more than one child with an Edline account may combine the accounts into one log-in, for more information click here.


After your account is set up, go to www.edline.net and login with your screen name and password.  On your student’s home page you will see his class list.  Click on a class to see any assignments or information posted for that class, and to find the teacher’s email address.  Click on Private Reports to see grades posted for your student. 


If you have any questions about Edline at Pyle you may contact Bill Falatko at William_J_Falatko@mcpsmd.org. 


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