Dear Poolesville Community,

I have spent valuable time this week listening to and speaking with students, staff, and parents about safety in our building. We have a comprehensive safety plan which is followed every day. Our staff members have been trained in the drill protocols which we practice every month. After every drill, our On Site Emergency Team (OSET) reviews the drill to make any necessary upgrades.

On Monday, we are having a special homeroom to review safety procedures with our students. Our Security Team Leader, Mr. Etheridge, will be sharing information with the students.

We have provided you an overview of our safety practices at Poolesville High School. (Click HERE) We will be sharing this information with the students so they are aware there are structures in place to protect them every period, every day.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or suggestions regarding the safety of our students. The safety and security of our precious students is our top priority.

Deena Levine, Principal

Deena Levine
Poolesville High School
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