4th grade Poolesville Economics Inquiry 

 Marking Period #2

Documents to help you learn about Poolesville


1. Use Google Earth to take a satellite tour of Poolesville. (This takes alot of bandwidth so media specialist is happy to model for students.)


2. Collecting Information on Poolesville worksheet


3. Land Use Map of Poolesville


4. U.S. Census Bureau document on Poolesville in 2010


5.  U.S. Census- American Fact Finder


6.  Poolesville Chamber of Commerce Business Categories 


7. Point2homes page on Demographics


8. Poolesville Business Planning Sheet


9. Teachers and Students will use Discovery Education videos on the topics of Opportunity Cost, Scarcity, and Competition as well as Human, Natural, and Capital Resource videos to enhance economics learning.


10. Final Writing Paragraph Planning sheet coming soon. Students will design a pamplet/brochure to advertise their business and write an opinion piece defending their business choice.




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