Reading Comprehension Grades 3-5


1. Interactive Reading Comprehension Grades 3-5 by Tanya Travis   Links to activities related to Author's Purpose, Cause and Effect, Characterization, Compare and Contrast, Context Clues, Details, Drawing Conclusions, Fact and Opinion, Figurative Language, Genre, Main Idea, Summarize, and Text Features.
2. Harcourt Skills Website Type in skill name( see above), grade, and Language arts with no keyword. See Test Tudor
3. Interactive Quizes by T. Maloney   Quizes and reviews released from Virginia and Texas Departments of Education.
4. Comprehension Stories Online   Stories with 10 questions to check comprehension.
5. Skills Bookmarks  Bookmarks to help students with reading skills
6. Read Write Think  A Verizon sponsored link. See classroom resources and student interactives
7. Internet 4 Classrooms   Wide range of resources- Liked Novels- teaching guides.
8. Tanya Travis Classroom webpage  4th grade teacher in Dorchester County



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