Course Registration for 2018 -2019 School Year

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About Course Selection

Course selection in high school is critical to the realization of career and higher education goals. Students should talk to their teachers and school counselor about the courses needed to meet their individual goals.

Each high school provides a comprehensive program of studies that enables all students to earn required graduation credits. All high school courses are one semester in length. All courses satisfying graduation requirements must be taken for a letter grade. Upon completion of each semester’s work, students earn credit in each course taken - 0.5 credit for successful completion of a single-period course, 1 credit for a double-period course, and so on. Yearlong courses usually have the same name for the two semesters with the title of the first semester followed by "A" or "1" and the second by "B" or "2." Yearlong courses are usually sequenced to begin in the fall with "A" or "1."