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The ACES Scholars program is designed to offer students a challenging course of study in the science disciplines. Students follow a comprehensive curriculum combining honors level courses and rigorous Advanced Placement (AP®) level course work. The course of study provides students with a broad background in all the scientific disciplines at levels appropriate to talented and motivated learners.   


The program encourages students to take more accelerated science courses, offers structured support and skill refinement and broadens students’ career choices. The program setting includes heterogeneously grouped classes within Northwest High School. ACES Scholars is an intellectually stimulating program within a student’s own community that offers the flexibility to pursue individual educational goals.   


ACES Scholar 

The designation of ACES Scholar will be awarded at graduation to any student in the program who has successfully completed the requirements and taken the corresponding AP® exams by the end of their senior year. This designation and an explanation of its significance are included with transcripts sent from Northwest High School.  



· Opportunity to earn college credit while in high school. 

· The potential to enter college with sophomore status. 

· An accelerated program especially designed for talented and motivated learners. 

· Preparation for rigorous college science programs.  


Course of Study 

Program Requirements 


Below is a list of ACES requirements. The requirements you have fulfilled have been checked off.  Remember that all requirements must be fulfilled by graduation to be recognized as an ACES Scholar. Please see Ms. Malik in room 317 for any questions regarding your eligibility.   


Advanced Science Courses  

Additional Science  

____ (2) AP Biology                

____ (2) AP Chemistry  

____ AP Environmental Science  

____ AP Calculus AB/BC or AP Statistics 

____ AP Physics 1 or AP Physics B 

____ AP Physics 2 

____ AP Physics C 

____ Anatomy & Physiology 

____ Forensics Science 

____ (2*) Molecular Biotechnology 

         *2 AP credits for students enrolled in the Academy of  

         Biotechnology with a grade of B or higher) 

____ Science Internship 

____ Montgomery College   

        Science Course 

____ Another Advanced  

         Science Course 



____ / 4 credits 


3 must be AP 

(extra credits will be applied to the additional science column)  


____ / 1 option  


In order to be considered an ACES scholar each student must also meet the following requirements: 

    The students must have taken a biology, chemistry and physics course ________   (2 Honors or AP) 

      The student must take the AP exam for each AP course considered for ACES  ________ 

      The student must have a grade of C or higher in each class for each semester ________  


Sample Schedules   


There are many different course options for completing the ACES Scholars program so it is recommended that students take the upper level courses of most interest. Students will need 2-3 periods of science most years to complete this program.   

Possible Course Sequence 1:(2-3 AP® sciences)    

9th Grade:  H Physics    

10th Grade: H Biology and H Chemistry   

11th Grade: One Science AP® and one Advanced Science   

12th Grade: Science AP® or Advanced Science   

(May also need an internship, or one additional AP®/advanced science class)   


Possible Course Sequence 2:(2-3 AP® sciences)    

9th Grade:  H Biology    

10th Grade: H Chemistry   

11th Grade: H Physics or AP® Physics B & Science AP®    

12th Grade: Science AP®    

(May also need an internship, or one additional AP®/advanced science class)   


Possible Course Sequence 3: (3-4 AP® sciences)   

9th Grade:  H Biology & H Physics   

10th Grade: H Chemistry & AP®Physics B or AP® Environmental Science    

11th Grade: AP® Chemistry or AP®Biology    

12th Grade: AP® or Advanced Science  


Admission Information   

Interested students are responsible for completing and submitting the online Intent to Participate form to the ACES coordinator.    

Requests to participate in the ACES Scholars program may be initiated by a student or a parent. Teachers should encourage students to participate whom they feel meet the requirements and would benefit from the program. ACES participation begins when a student receives feedback from the program coordinator after submitting the completed online Intent to Participate form.  


ACES Community Involvement   

ACES members will be invited to participate in enrichment activities such as:   

Lunchtime roundtable discussions with scientific professionals, college professors, and researchers that span topics such as intellectual property rights law, chemistry, physics, genomic research, and genetic counseling.   


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