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Online Activities for Students 

Great Interactive website 
ESL Activity Zone (1-Language) 
Kaiser-healthyLet's Stay Healthy (Spanish)   starfallStarfall 
LetsLearnEnglishLet's Learn English      clifford-spanish Clifford- Spanish Stories 
 Internet4ClassroomsInternet 4 Classrooms  BrainPop,JR ESLBrainPop,Jr. ESL (free trial) 
  BrainPop EspanolBrainPop- Spanish

Teacher Links
Internet Picture Dictionary - ESOL  Let's Learn English 
Randall's ESL Listening Lab  Larry Ferlazzo's 
Thousands of links appropriate for ESL students & teachers
Best Evidence Encyclopedia
Word games, puzzles, quizzes, exercises, slang, proverbs and much more.
ESL Kidstuff  ESL Writing Wizard
Activities for ESOL Students
Project of The Internet TESL Journal (
Internet 4 Classrooms (i4c)
Interactive sites for learning English
The Big Deal Book 
Resources for ELL educators
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