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Mrs. Stouffer, Edline Administrator 

Edline - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Edline?

Edline is a system designed to help students, parents, and teachers communicate. Parents can access their students' grades in Edline, but other information like class syllabi and, in some cases, assignments are also available. Edline also enables teachers to easily and quickly communicate with students and parents by email.

How do I access Edline (parent or guardian)?

You need to activate your account. Activation codes for new users are mailed home at the end of August. Once you have your activation code, click the link to the left that says, "Activate your Account." Incoming 6th grade students activate their Edline accounts as part of their Media Center orientation in September.

Can't I just use my child's account to access their grades?

You could, but we ask that all parents activate their accounts--and include an email address when doing so. Teachers can quickly and easily send emails to parents and students through Edline, either individually or a whole class at a time, but ONLY if the parents and students have activated their accounts and included email addresses. Edline is NOT just about grades! More and more teachers will be using Edline to post assignments and other class information as time goes on.

I have not received my Edline Activation code - How do I go about getting this code?

Again, activation codes for new users will be mailed home by MCPS at the end of August. Watch for them in the mail! If you do not receive your code by mid-September, send an email to NMMS Edline.

I have activated my account. Do I need to keep the activation code?

No! You will not need the activation code again—you will now access Edline using the screen name and password you created during the activation process.

I have forgotten my screen name and or password; what should I do?

First try the link at Edline that will send your information to the email address that you provided during the activation process (this is one reason why it’s so important to provide an email address when you activate your account). If that does not work or you did not provide an email address you will need to send an email to NMMS Edline with your child's full name and, if known, their mcps ID number. MCPS ID numbers can be found on old report cards or course schedule cards.

Do all teachers at Newport Mill use Edline?

Yes. All teachers' grades are automatically uploaded into Edline from the electronic grade system they are required to use. Other uses of Edline are optional for teachers, but more and more teachers will be using Edline's other capabilities as time goes on--especially if most parents have activated their accounts.

How often do teachers update their online grades?

Courses differ in the number and types of assignments given. Thus, it is unrealistic to imagine that all teachers will require the same amount of time to update grades. As a general rule, students and parents can expect to see online grade updates at least every 2-3 weeks. Edline is updated automatically each night from every teacher's online gradebook.

If I check my Edline account and it has been more than three weeks since an update has been made or if I notice a mistake, then what should I do?

Students: In this situation, you should talk with your teacher about the issue.

Parents: In this situation, you should talk with your student, who might have an explanation. If not, students should be encouraged to advocate for themselves and talk with their teachers. After this has happened, if your son or daughter does not feel that the issue has been resolved, then you should contact the teacher in order to discuss the concern.