Activities & Clubs
Club Name Sponsor Description Day/Time
After School Activities  PTA

For all after school activities facilitated by outside groups, please visit the NCC PTA Website to register and find out more information. 

determined by sponsor 

Afterschool Achievers

Ms. Wong and several other NCC staff 

(Brodecki, Neil, Queen, Chappell, Ramsey) 

Teacher identified students improve their reading, writing and/or mathematics skills and are provided the additional supports necessary to ensure success.

Wednesdays after school

Chess Club Mr. Richmond Participants learn the rules, strategies of the game, and are involved in tournament play. At the same time, they improve their critical thinking skills.

Thursdays after school 

Safety Patrols Mr. Chappell Safety Patrols provide on-campus safety at major crosswalks and assist bus drivers. They assist the Bethesda Bus Depot with bus evacuation drills. During fire drills, the captain is the only person that assists the principal. As needed 
SGA Ms. Mosley-Ramsey

Ms. Queen 
The Student Government Association is made up of class representatives, grade level Vice Presidents, Communications Managers, and President. They meet once a week to develop activities that promote school spirit, community service, leadership and responsibility.

Thursdays at 12:40 

The Diplomats Club  Mrs. Avanesyan This group focuses on cultures of the world and loves to hear and participate in presentations related to Culture. 

Wednesdays at 12:40 

Sisters Supporting Sisters 
Ms. Avanesyan
Ms. Mosley-Ramsey 
Ms. Queen 
This group meets at lunch time and reads great books with Hispanic and African American characters and more.  Fridays at lunch 

The Writing Club       Ms. Mosley-Ramsey This group meets on most Mondays and enjoys activities related to writing.  Mondays at 12:40 
Recess Singers      Mr. Richmond      This group enjoys singing songs from around the world and more.  Fridays at 12:40 
The Green Team 
Ms. Haynes  This group meets as needed and is focused on the environment.  As needed 
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