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Prohibited Sites (Stuff You Can't Do at School)

The sites, or types of sites, listed below are not allowed. MPCS guidelines for computer use prohibits these sites from school:

  • Email: Except when transferring work to or from home. When using email for this purpose, students may not read or send other email.
  • Social networking sites: A site that allows users to post information and share space as “friends”. Examples: Myspace, Facebook, Weeworld
  • Chat Rooms or Messaging: Sites that allow real time conversation Blogs: an informal online diary or journal that is frequently updated and intended for others to view.
  • Peer to Peer Sites (P2P): These sites share music and video, may allow illegal downloading and often leave computer systems vulnerable to viruses and worms
  • Video: You Tube and other video sharing sites
  • Music: Students are not permitted to listen to music while working, unless it is music the teacher selects and plays for the class, as it cannot be monitored.
  • In General: Any site that contains inappropriate material (representations of items that are inconsistent with the educational mission), or that is harmful to students (weapons, sexual, disrespectful, etc.)


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