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What does the SGA do?

Student government works for the school. It does what students and staff wants it to do to reach the chosen goals. It is important that we each take part in student government activities so that the student government can reflect student ideas and feelings in achieving objectives.  The Student Government:

  1. Sponsors Events that Enrich School Life
    - advocacy, focused fundraising, leadership & citizenship, public relations & publicity, service learning, social, and spirit activities
  2. Raises:
    - standards and expectations
  3. Develops positive Student Morale
    - for worthwhile projects
  4. Creates Public Relations and Publicity
    - about student events and accomplishments
  5. Solves Problems and Makes Decisions
    - works on student problems
    - uses student input
  6. Encourages Learning Experiences
    - for everyone.
  7. Builds Communication
    - with all student groups and serves as the voice of the students
    - in the community and with other schools as well
  8. Promotes School Spirit and Pride
    - sponsors awards for outstanding participation, scholarship, citizenship, and sportsmanship
    - sets a positive school atmosphere
  9. Advises others of
    - student opinion about important issues
    - gathers facts to share with others
  10. Develops Leadership Skills
    - among students and staff.

The Student Government Association Is the Mind, Heart, and Hands of All School Activities.

* The above was adapted from The Spirit of the Student Council, Earl Reum, NASSP 1981

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