mlklogo75Science 7 --Hydroponics

Mastery Objective: Students will be able to use a variety of online sources to gather information on the design of hydroponics systems. 

Dr.Franklin, Electronic Advisor 

Directions: Students will gather information from the resource links below to complete the 'placemat' activity.  

 Directions for Day 1 of Research 

  1.  Open link for note taking template- Benefits. Click 'Enable Editing' in the yellow bar at the top of the page.
  2.  Choose a link to research on webpage that relates to the topic on your template. 
  3.  Find information that you think works best for the topic and copy it. 
  4.  Paste what you copied on the template in the 'Notes' column. 
  5.  Then write in your own words in the 'Your explanation' column. 
  6.  Copy website you used and paste it on template in the 'Source' column. 
  7.  Repeat these steps to add more notes to the 'Benefits' template. 
  8. Follow the same process for the other templates until you are finished.  




Hydroponics Budget 

Hydroponics Outline 

Note Taking Template --Benefits 

Note Taking Template --Estimated Costs 

Note Taking Template -- Nutrients 

Note Taking Template -- Plant Food 

Note Taking Template-- Types of Materials 



Living With the Land, EPCOT

Behind the Seeds Tour, part 1  

Living With the Land Ride, part 2  


Hydroponic Farm Visit  


MCPS Online Resources  

Britannica Online School Edition 

SIRS Discoverer 

Student Resource Center 

Roof to Table - Hydroponics Makes it Possible - video


General Hydroponics Information 

History of Hydroponics 

Exploring Classroom Hydroponics 

Hydroponics Online 

Home Hydroponics 


Examples of Hydroponics Systems 

Hydroponic Systems 

What is Hydroponics? 

Exploring Classroom Hydroponics 


Information on Growing Basil 

How to Grow a Garden with Hydroponics Basil 

Hydroponics Basil: Fresh Italian at Your Fingertips 


How Water Enters a Plant 




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